A Rendezvous of Innovation: Apple releases its latest MacBook alongside Microsoft’s unveiling of its Surface Book

By Sam Edem

It might never be enough for the Cupertino and the Redmond giants respectively: their shared culture of always looking out for what more it could be done is worthy of emulation, to existing and emerging entrepreneurs or firms.

The disclosure of the previous generation MacBook to the world marked some kind of revolutionary progress in the ever increasing demand on our technology innovators to balance the need for sophistication and portability. The latest is the release of the New MacBook Pros just a day after Microsoft’s launch of its new Surface Book.

Though the Cupertino giant claims that its new premium laptops are redesigned to bring something new on board, one could easily see that just like the Redmond giant’s new laptop, they still resemble their predecessors in terms of design. Apple is noted for creating a powerhouse in the form of its MacBook Pro device, and this latest iteration is no exception. The new premium laptop uses a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 Skylake processor for its 13-inch and sixth-generation Core i7 for the 15-inch model respectively, a feature that is shared by Microsoft in its Surface Book. Further, the Mac Book comes in two display size version, the 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch screen. Apple further claims that the new screens are 67 percent brighter, 67 percent higher in contrast ratio and have 25 percent more colors than the previous generation. 

Now, whether it is coming from Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, etc., or even from the emerging technology entrepreneurs beaming with hope and ambition from the replica silicon valleys in Nigeria, China, or South Africa, the continuous boom of innovation is changing our world in an exceptionally significant way and whether or not this momentum can be sustained in ways that reflects our global commitment to ending the threatening heralds of climate change will be dependent on our collective responsibility: our insistence on energy-efficient tech products.