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Africa World Airlines is ‘Domestic Airline of the Year 2015’

Africa World Airlines (AWA) has been adjudged the ‘Domestic Airline of the Year 2015’ at the maiden National Aviation Awards Ceremony held in Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra on Friday 29th July 2016. This is not the first time the airline is picking such an award, AWA won The Domestic Airline of the Year 2014 at the National Tourism Awards last year making it 2 times in a row.

Emirates jet crash-lands in Dubai, engulfed in flames

An Emirates plane carrying 300 people caught fire on a runway at Dubai International Airport after crash-landing. All departures have been suspended, and arrivals have been diverted to other airports.

Bird flu outbreak limited, industry rebounding - Bissiw

Despite the bird flu outbreak, the poultry industry is still resilient, Dr. Hannah Bissiw, a Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), has said.

She applauded all stakeholders in the poultry value chain, especially the farmers, who are working hard to ensure no outbreaks on their farms.

Ghana’s total public debt stock reaches GHC105.1 billion

Ghana’s total public debt stock reached GHC105.1 billion at the end of May 2016, representing 66.4 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as against GHC104.5 billion at the end of April 2016, representing 66.3 percent of GDP.

Cow urine can sell more than milk in India

Urine from India’s indigenous Bos indicus cows, which are considered sacred by Hindus, is a hot commodity. That’s thanks in large part to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who’s introduced programs over the past two years to protect the milk-producing animals and support industries derived from their waste.