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Akufo-Addo’s first budget: Hope or a mixed basket?

Over the past six weeks, there have been talks all across Ghana on the numerous challenges confronting the new NPP administration led by President Nana Danquah Akufo – Addo. Issues ranging from unstable power supply in the country, a struggling currency among others.

Kasapreko set for massive expansion in 2017

Ghana’s leading beverage company, Kasapreko has disclosed plans to expand its production capacity in a bid to match its new production target of 3.5 million cases of spirit products in 2017.

Gov’t open to borrow more from IMF – EIU

With government scheduled to open discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) about a possible extension of the 3-year bailout programme, following several missed fiscal targets in 2016, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) believes that government could take advantage to borrow more money from the Fund.

2017 Ghana CEO summit launched

The rapid changes in the market for labour, products and services as well as in the general business environment as driven by a diversified workforce, brought together by communication technology has created the need for a continuous upgrade. 

Can agriculture transform Ghana’s economic future?

While Ghana, behind Ivory Coast, is the second largest exporter of Cocoa in the world (its chief agricultural export commodity), any economic statistical source today clearly shows that oil & gas is fast becoming its major national revenue source.

Bank of Ghana publishes data on APR and AI on deposits

Every year, the business public looks forward to a fair interest rate for loans and other credit instruments: such as would guarantee transparent pricing, accountability, easy access to start-up as well as expansion capital for a thriving economy.