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CEO Summit : Ghana must invest in Tech-Businesses - Bawumia

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Ghana's Vice President Dr Bawumia
Ghana's Vice President Dr Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia says Ghana must invest in tech-businesses to be able to meet the needs of Ghanaians and also be competitive on the international market.

Speaking at the 4th Edition of the Ghana CEO Summit under the theme " The Futuristic Economy: Technology- Driven Future of Business & Governance for Economic Transformation", Dr Bawumia said technology is key to the growth of businesses in the country.

According to him, efforts must be put in place to invest in education and resources into the creation of the next generation of tech-businesses in the country.

"The theme for the conference challenges us to reflect on the role of technology in business, governance and economic transformation, many of you know the role that technology plays in shaping the fortunes of business and economic transformation, it needs no explaination because your competitiveness, profitability and survival are at stake, the next generation of business leaders, the CEOs must worry about disruptive tecnologies and the impact on demand-driven consumer product being it retail, healthcare, education, energy, food and so on, tecnology is both a driver in the very essence of tody's business, as a driver, technology provides the vehicle for modern businesses and continue to shape the processes of businesses, that is, the modern businesses cannot survive without adapting to innovative systems and processes that leaverage their operations against competition, sadly in our local economies some of our companies have some catching up to do in main streaming, advance technology in their business operations, as a country Ghana needs to invest in its education and resources into the creation of the next generation of tech-businesses, from Facebook to Uber recently provides an opportunity for the instant growth of small businesses into multi-milion dollar businesses, businesses must tape into..... technology of the vehicle for growth and as a business enterprises in themselves, government is committed to driving growth and innovation in the tech-sector.."

He added that the CEO Summit should be a platform that will enable the industry thought leaders to collectively find ways to enrich the economic future of the country through technology.

"Our ability to deal with what is ahead of us among other factors depend on our preparedness to deal with change and with the risks and uncertainties as we look down on our general path for economic growth, some of us may be competitors but this room provides a rich platform design to share ideas for collective and certain future, emerging trends and the need for a strategic repositioning of our industries and economy to the standard of modern economies, collectively you are the industry thought leaders, you are the risk takers and innovators, you understand the need to innovate, the need to introduce new and improved technologies to improve productivity, the need to remain competitive and sustaining growth over time in both export and deepening the domestic market across the continent."


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