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AK Songstress takes on Kaakie and MzVee in interview

Fed up with supposed sidelining, dancehall act AK Songstress has thrown salvos at both Kaakie and Mzvee who many hold are contenders for the dancehall queen crown.


Kaakie during a performance at the 'MTN Pulse Turn Up' concert at the Accra Sports Stadium on Friday, March 4 asked the crowd who the queen of dancehall in Ghana was.

She threw a challenge to whoever believes she deserves to be dancehall queen in Ghana to show up on stage and challenge her.

The ‘Ronaldo’ hit maker said that she had heard that a certain ‘little girl’ “Wan take the spot.”

Prior to her comment, ‘Borkor Borkor’ hit-maker and the ‘Tip Toe’ catch phrase originator, MzVee, who had performed earlier on the same stage had also claimed to be the dancehall queen in the country.

Speaking in an interview with King Lagazi on the King Lagazy Show on Hitz FM, AK Songstress described Kaakie and MzVee as ‘old woman’ and Karaoke queen who lack the authority to claim any queenship.

I don’ want to be a wife but my child has the love of his dad - Mzbel

Sultry singer Nana Ekua Amoah easily identified as Mzbel has opined that the fact that most Ghanaians have sought and not known the father of her child does not mean her baby is a bastard stressing she has a cordial relationship with the dad of her child but per her policy not to marry she hasn’t become a wife.


Rumour had it that former CEO of UT-Holdings, Kofi Amoabeng was the father of Mzbel’s three-year-old son, Adepa. Although the pair was once in an amorous relationship, Mr Amoabeng has denied fathering the child.

In an interview with Delores Frimpong-Manso on her Delay Television show, Mzbel, also affirmed, “I never said he was the father. I slept with Kofi Amoabeng a lot of times… [But] the fact that you had sex with Mr A doesn’t mean Mr A is the father of your child.”

According to the 16 years hit maker, her reason for staying unmarried is because she doesn’t want to be anybody’s “slave”.


Kobby failed as a solo artist now he wants Wutah back but am past that - Afriyie

Crooner Afriyie has rebuffed calls to have his one-time partner Kobby join him in a reunion bid to re-establish Wutah, the one-time hit churning duo.


Speaking on Pluzz FM’s morning show it soon emerged that the acrimony that was left in the wake of the group’s disintegration hadn’t corroded.

Afriyie blamed Kobby for unilaterally walking out on the union in 2010 resulting in severe hardships for him as he had to start a new career all over adding now that the worst was over he wasn’t going to buy into Kobby’s repentant pleas especially when he had failed as a solo artiste.

“If he had succeeded when he went solo, do you think he would come back now asking us to join again? He is the one who left, I didn’t sack him. You leave your wife and you realize the new one you married is not treating you well, you come back and you expect her to open her arms and welcome you?” Afriyie quizzed.

Kobby who was also on phone whilst Afriyie was making these allegations responded that he has no ego problem.


“I don’t have any ego problem. If he wants to work on his ego its cool because I’ve gone further to beg him. I have witnesses who know that I have even gone on my knees to beg my brother. I’ve told him several times that I’ve no problem with him” Kobby pronounced.

Bob Okala to be laid to rest on May 7 2016, one-week commemoration observed

As Akan custom demands, the one-week commemoration of the death of acclaimed comedian Bishop Bob Okala real name Samuel Kwadwo Buabeng was observed at the Arts center a.k.a Centre for National Culture in Accra over the weekend.

Okala, after a performance at the Jackson Park in koforidua is reported to have expired at the Koforidua Hospital on 13 March 2016 due to complications from ill health.


Koo Ofori who attended the event recalled the humility of the man stressing even though he was younger than Okala, the bishop nonetheless referred to him as papa when addressing him. He narrated how ill health had dogged his later years.

Dr Manfred of Joy Herbal Industries, organizers of the event he was last seen publicly on, stressed Okala’s genius in forming words to delight audiences stressing it was because of his quality that he was a regular fixture on their organized shows.

For Madam Elizabeth Agyari, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Arts, Okala’s display on 5th March in dramatizing the colonial police force and their antics would stay with her noting that even though Mr Buabeng was not in perfect health he nonetheless executed his role beautifully demonstrating the great professional that he was.

Okala’s male son expressed the hope that his father would be given a state burial given his contributions over the years. The well-spoken youth affirmed he will sorely miss his father since he was his source of pride.

For Abeiku Santana, the Key Soap Concert Party King was a master of his craft whose legacy will live on.

Mr Samuel Kwadwo Buabeng’s final funeral rite is set for 6th and 7th May, 2016 at the Arts Centre in Accra. The Osu Cemetery will serve as his final resting place.




Obrafuor teams up with Efya in offering ‘Boniayefuor’

Music baron Obrafuor has teamed up with sultry singer Efya to offer ‘Boniayefuor’ a delightful tune tackling the issue of ungracious partners.


Produced by Slim Bo, the sound has a jazzy feel to it with Efya contemplating the charm of love adding that to have an ingrate of a partner can be a burden to bear so when such a partners discards the other partner who propped him or her up in difficult times to become who they are today, heartaches can be felt which could prove deadly.

It is here Obrafuor admonishes Eyfa not give in to anger, for it isn’t the best of cloth to wrap around one’s body adding harbouring hate can prove deadly.

Obrafuor further sums it all up when he asserts good living induces forgetfulness.


As usual Obrafuor the rap ‘Sofour’ does not disappoint and recruiting the nocturnal being Efya on this project yields impressive dividend indeed.

Your Porsche Was Bought On Hire Purchase And You're Not 25 - Linda Ikeji Replies Wizkid

Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji has responded to singer Wizkid's recent unsavoury comments on her Instagram

The blogger who has been a thorn in Wizkid's flesh proved she also knows how to fight dirty as she has released more damaging news about the singer.

According to Linda, Wizkid isn't really 25 and he is yet to complete payment on his porsche.


Read her full response below:

So my darling little 'friend' Wizkid came on my IG page this morning to blast me for writing yesterday that he was given quit notice at the Lekki home he claimed he bought some years ago, which he actually rented. He threatened to beat me up...called me an ugly old bitch...(I'm ugly? lol) says I don't have a man (crying over that..) and called my mum a loser...(what a child).

Anyway, all that don't matter, people have said worse to me...what I wanted to address is the part where he said I slept with his director and he left me in a hotel...that one I will definitely want to address because some people actually believe it. That my dear friends, is a lie!

First and foremost, I've never met Wizkid one on one. I've only seen him once in real life on stage at a show a few years ago. I've never met anybody who is his director. Guess he put that line in his comments to defame me. You that mad that people now know the house is not yours? Lol.

Trust me, if I knew someone was Wizkid's director, I'd rather kill myself than sleep with him or any other entertainer for that matter (except maybe he's my husband..hehe) because I know how some of these entertainers are...they kiss and tell a lot. You can't afford to be messing around in their circle. So, no, I have NEVER slept with Wizkid's director. I live a celibate life..most of the time. (Though, that has to end soon...I'm getting old and missing out on that part of

I've always been an advocate of women respecting their bodies and owning their own. And I feel sex should only happen when you're in committed relationship (that is if you can't wait till marriage) and I recommend celibacy for a long as you're not committed to someone. There's absolutely no dignity in sleeping around and messing around with different men. It's ugly and God don't like ugly. So no, I'm not that woman, and will never be that woman. Nice try, Wizkid! 

Having said that, I'm sure, you wonder why Wizkid is so mad at me? To be honest, I don't know either. All I know is that his beef with me started a long time ago but he decided to start bashing me online after I refused a meeting with him. A few months ago, he asked his PR people to contact me, that he wanted to talk to me. For some reason, he thought I didn't like him and I was hurting his image online. He wanted to see how I could write more positive things about him but I turned down the meeting. Not that I have anything against him, I sincerely don't! I think he's an amazing talent and one of the few music stars in Nigeria with a midas touch. So this wasn't personal. I just didn't want to meet him. If he lobbies me then it means I won't be able to write anything about him anymore...and my job is to write...about everything, including entertainers.

I am cordial with some of them...many of them I have never met. I try to stay away from gatherings where they are because the more friends you make in the entertainment industry, the less you can write. And that will inadvertently affect your work. The few ones that I call acquaintances, it's hard to write about them because you feel you're cool with them and even when you write, they call you to complain. So, the fewer 'friends' I have in the entertainment industry, the better my job will be.

So Wizkid can bash me all he wants...but I will continue to do my job. Maybe he thinks the more he bashes me, then I will stop writing about him? Won't work. But meanwhile, if he tells a lie about me, I will address it. LIB plans to be around for a long time...some of these people will come and go! :-).

Thanks everyone and Wizkid fans for reading my response. 

Oh and by the way, did I mention that his Porsche car is also on hire purchase? Oh shit, I just mentioned that! Lol. And no, darling, you're not 25! We know your real age! Continue to have an amazing career while I watch and continue to celebrate you.


You And Your Laptop Will Stay Married For Life - Wizkid Disses Blogger, Linda Ikeji

Nigerian musician, Wizkid has sparked a social media war with Linda Ikeji, arguably Nigeria's topmost blogger, after Linda posted something about the Star Boy having been given an ejection notice for not paying his rent.

The Jaiye Jaiye singer took to her Instagram comment section and dissed her as possibly as he could, ultimately marrying her to her laptop and even threatened to let his younger cousin beat her.

See the post below:

Musician Femi set to premier 2 new tunes on Citi FM

Banker cum musician Calvin Femi Dotse after hibernating for a while is ready with two new songs to tickle the music buds of music lovers all over the world.

According to the Voltarian born to Ghanaian parents in Nigeria and named Femi after his father’s best friend “If the systems are indeed fair I should get VGMA nomination for ‘Kabokabo’ (trotro) ft Yaa Pono & Gallaxy and ‘No Matter’ ft Gallaxy because of the quality and massive effort put into the two tunes.”


Set to be premiered on Gaddafi Don Lansah a.k.a Dj Gaddafi’s countdown show on Citi FM come Friday April 8 2016, music lovers would be the richer should they tune in to listen to the new offerings from Femi’s music kitchen.

According to Femi, although music has been his passion it’s clear to him to establish himself as a formidable artiste and take new territories, he has to be commercially successful hence his new drive to establish that goal.

While ‘Kabokabo’ Igbo for ‘Trotro’ taps into the many duels which happen in commercial vehicles in Ghana and Nigeria especially regarding fares, ‘No Matter’ is crafted to encourage people to never give up in life despite setbacks in love, academic and work life.

“I leant carving, slept on the streets for a year and half, sold bread on the street all to survive but I never gave up or relented and it is to the Supreme Divine’s grace that I am a banker and an artiste today.”

On how ‘No Matter’ was conceived, Femi says Gallaxy informed him about a beat producer Shoto Blinkx had ‘cooked’ and when hey congregated in the studio, thanks to the positive vibes the tune was executed in 3 hours.

Describing his music as being in the afro beat, pop and dancehall vein, Femi notes that he has been singing for a while but got his major breakthrough when  he auditioned for the 2005 Nescafe African Revelation contest making it to the final 10 list in the Eastern region.

“That experience was valuable. Meeting industry big shots such as KOD, Praye and others was an enlightening experience” the bachelor states.

Femi early on offered ‘Burning Desire’ ft. Iwan and ‘Guan’ ft. Luther to decent reception even though there was no planned promotional strategy in place.

Never one to take education for granted, Femi enrolled in Ho Polytechnic undertaking a course in Accountancy from 2006 to 2009 and when he got retained by Stanbic bank after national service, he’s been a banker and an artiste since.

On difficulties associated with being banker and an entertainer, the man who recently earned an MBA in Financial Management from the Cambridge International College, U.K stated “I use music as an escape from the vigorous demands of the banking world as it relaxes my nerves after a hard day’s work.”

Although not signed on to any record label, Femi says he is open for such a talk if the deal is right but can be reached through his personal manager Marc Morrison on 0268034833 for enquires and bookings.

Femi can be reached via social media on Instagram and Twitter: mynameisfemi and on Facebook fan page: Femi

Hopefully ‘Kabokabo’ (trotro) ft Yaa Pono & Gallaxy and ‘No Matter’ ft Gallaxy can prove to the street anthem and club banger that Femi hopes for.




Model Iman loses mum 2 months after death of hubby David Bowie

Iman is mourning the passing of her mother, just two months after her husband David Bowie died of cancer.

The 60-year-old supermodel is mourning the loss of Marian Abdulmajid, just two months after her husband David Bowie lost his battle with cancer, a source confirmed to 'Entertainment Tonight'.


Iman - who has a 15-year-old daughter, Alexandria, with her late husband - has largely kept to herself since her spouse passed away, but has shared a number of inspirational messages on social media.

Just last week, she posted: ''Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving. We get stronger and more resilient.''

And a few weeks after her husband's death, she simply wrote: ''Love & gratitude. Iman (sic)''

It was recently revealed Iman will inherit $50 million from her husband of 24 years' estate.

The couple's daughter will receive her $25 million when she turns 25 while his son Duncan Jones - who he had with his former wife Angie Bowie - will receive his $25 million share soon.

A court met last month to approve a guardian for Alexandria, whilst it was also revealed that some of David's long-standing staff will also get a share of his estate.

The estate will now be passed through the probate process.

P Diddy’s girlfriend curious with what talk Diddy and Jennifer Lopez were having after show

P Diddy's girlfriend Cassie had ''some questions'' after he was spotted chatting to his ex Jennifer Lopez at an awards bash last year.

The 46-year-old rapper admitted that Cassie, 29, was not impressed after he and Jennifer caught up at the 2015 American Music Awards in November but he insisted that they were simply having a friendly catch up and Jennifer's boyfriend Casper Smart was also present.


He told Power 105.1 FM's The Breakfast Club: ''My woman at the end of the day, you know, she ain't have a problem with it. She had some questions. She had some questions.

''But nah, nah, you know, Casper was there. Me and Jennifer ... people gonna be friends, man. People gonna grow, and, you know, any of my exes, they smile, and they're happy to see me, you know what I'm saying? And that's all that was about. And, you know, I answered the question.''

Diddy and Jennifer, 46, dated from 1999 to 2001 and she has claimed that their split was due to his infidelity.

She told Vibe magazine: ''I never caught him, but I just knew. He'd say he was going to a club for a couple of hours and then never come back that night.

''It was the first time I was with someone who wasn't faithful. I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy and going nuts. It really took my whole life in a tailspin.''

Tinie Tempah says bought £37,000 Nike MAG trainers for good cause

Tinie Tempah once spent £37,000 on a pair of Nike MAG trainers, which are modelled on the shoes in 'Back To The Future'.

The 'Pass Out' hitmaker shelled out the hefty sum for the Nike trainers - which are based on the famous shoes from 'Back To The Future' - but the money was for a good cause.


He said: ''They're based on the trainers in 'Back To The Future'. I bought them at an auction hosted by Michael J Fox to raise money for sufferers of Parkinson's disease. Nike invited me and Dizzee Rascal and I thought: 'I could own the first pair of Marty McFly trainers.' I paid £37,000 but I knew it was for a good cause. They don't hover, sadly.''

The 27-year-old rapper also revealed he stores some of his favourite footwear in a duffel bag, which he brings with him on his travels.

He added to The Times newspaper's Luxx menswear supplement: ''Whenever I'm in places like Spain and Monaco I see people on their boats with these bags and I think, 'Wow! I want to get one.'

''I've got the standard print - red, blue and white - and it goes really well with most of the stuff I wear. I'm always travelling and doing photoshoots. I mostly carry clothes in it - right now it's full of trainers.''

Lamar Odom downs liquor, Khloe Kardashian worried

Khloe Kardashian reportedly cancelled filming her chat show 'Kocktails with Khloe' because she is so worried about Lamar Odom after he was recently spotted drinking alcohol.


TMZ reports that Khloe opted out of filming an episode of 'Kocktails with Khloe' last week because she is an ''emotional wreck'' after Lamar was spotted drinking in a Los Angeles bar last month.

Lamar was spotted downing drinks with two friends at the Johnny O'Brien pub in Sherman Oaks, California, just months after his near-fatal overdose at a brothel in Nevada.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star has hinted about her fears for Lamar, writing on social media: ''I hate this feeling.... Helpless.''

And it seems Khloe, who vowed to stick by her former husband throughout his recovery, isn't the only one concerned for his health as his friends are worried his recent boozy night on the town could be the start of something more sinister.

A source said: ''We all are really, really sad he's decided to do this.''

It's believed Lamar, 36, downed three Rémy Martin - the same champagne cognac he was drinking the night he collapsed last year - before leaving the venue at around 1am.

Just hours later, the sportsman got up bright and early to attend church with Khloe, 31, whom he split from in 2013 following four years of marriage, and her famous family.

Kim Kardashian West made $200,000 charity eBay sales in 2014

Kim Kardashian West took home nearly $200,000 from her charity eBay sales in 2014, tax records have revealed.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has been auctioning off a number of items on the online auction site to raise money for various charitable organisations but has also been taking home a tidy sum for herself too.


Tax records obtained by show that the 35-year-old television personality earned $190,000 from the sales of the various items in 2014 whilst 10 percent of the sale price - around $21,000 - went to charity.

During the auctions, Kim has been supporting a selection of organisations, most recently the VOUS Church in Miami, Florida and the Life Change Community Church in Agoura Hills, California.

In 2013, she took home a whopping $400,000 whilst in 2012, it was approximately $180,000.

Explaining how the money earned is broken down, she said previously: ''When the eBay numbers get broken down, the auction management agency that posts for me gets a percentage for all their hard work, then, eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees, etc, all add up to about half the sale. Then I give 10 per cent to charity.''

Elton John sued for initiating sexual deeds by former security

Los Angeles police captain Jeffrey Wenninger has sued Sir Elton John for sexual harassment. On Monday, March 28, Wenninger filed a lawsuit claiming he was repeatedly groped by the “Crocodile Rock” crooner while working off-duty as his bodyguard in September 2014.


John, 69, is fighting his former employee’s claims. Orin Snyder, an attorney for the Grammy winner’s Rocket Entertainment Group, released a statement on Tuesday denying the allegations against the musician.

"This baseless lawsuit is brought by a disgruntled former security officer seeking to extract an undeserved payment," Snyder’s statement (via the Associated Press) reads. "These claims are patently untrue and contradicted by numerous previous statements made by this plaintiff."

Wenninger, who stopped working for John in 2014, alleges that the singer touched him inappropriately on multiple occasions. According to the suit, the superstar reached for and felt Wenninger’s privates during a ride to the airport in 2014. The retired officer claims that almost two weeks after that, the iconic British musician committed more sexual offenses against him.

"The unwelcome touching of plaintiff by (John) occurred on many other occasions over the span of several years since plaintiff began his employment in 2002, escalating in frequency and intensity after 2010," the lawsuit states. "At no time did plaintiff consent to defendant Elton John touching him in this offensive manner, or in any other manner."

Shatta Wale Dazzles At Galaxy S7 Launch

Multiple hitmaker, Shatta Wale, thrilled fans with an electrifying performance at the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones at Plot 7 Pub in Accra last Friday.

The  self-acclaimed Dancehall King excited the crowd with an array of hit songs after which he shocked the crowd by  dropping a version of the newly launched phone into an aquarium in a bid to demonstrate the waterproof capabilities of the phone, which is said to be able to stay in water up to 30 minutes at a depth of 5ft and also take pictures and record videos even when submerged in water. 

Speaking at the launch, Director of IT at Samsung Electronics West Africa, Jaspreet Singh, said his outfit was committed to improving consumer experience with every device introduced onto the market, Graphic Online reported.

“Our latest addition to the Galaxy S range, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, have been carefully crafted to reset the rules of the smartphone game. 

“We are throwing the challenge out there for smartphone enthusiasts to rethink what a phone can do, and all answers lie in the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge,” he said.

He added that consumers of the premium devices are guaranteed several mouthwatering gifts and discounts which are selected to complement the lifestyle of consumers with the Samsung Galaxy Gift App. 

“Gifts can be redeemed from partner shops which include Nallem Clothing, Palace Superstore, Niobe Spa, Lord of the Wings among others,” he said.

Lots Of Money Feared Burnt As Vienna City Goes Up In Flames

An undisclosed amount of money is feared burnt after one of Accra's most popular entertainment centres Vienna City, located at Circle, caught The fire around 7:00 pm, Thursday.

It is not clear yet what caused the fire but properties running into thousands of cedis are up in flames. Vienna City is just opposite the Goil filling station which was reduced to ashes on June 3, 2015, the night of flood and fire disaster which claimed some 150 lives.

The owner of the place according to myjoyonline, told fire officers who came to the scene that he he still had lots of money in the facility's casino and was hoping they could prevent the fire from heading in that direction.

Some workers were also seen trying to  have access to the Casino which is the heart of the Vienna City to salvage what may be left of the disaster.

Residents in the area, some of whom still remember the gory impact of the June 3 disaster are giving a helping hand to fire officials to ensure the fire does not degenerate.

But there is a Shell filling station inches away from the burning City with a tanker said to be offloading fuel, Latiff reports.  There are fears the fire may spread to that area.


New series to hit television features Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

Get ready to welcome Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union to your television screens! The couple will officially be a part of HGTV's big launch of new programming.


According to Deadline, the power couple will top-line a new series about the pair flipping homes in Florida. While there is still no confirmed premiere date, the show, tentatively titled Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Project, was given a brief synopsis.

"Actress Gabrielle Union and Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade are beginning a passion project — flipping homes," it reads. "Following along as they renovate, revitalize and resell a home in a suburban Florida neighborhood."

This will be good look for the couple, as while we know people love shows about home renovation, there aren't that many Black faces featured... until now.

Vanessa Gyan is new Rush Energy Drink ambassador, covers Event Guide Magazine

TV and radio presenter Vanessa Gyan has featured in the revamped edition of Event Guide Magazine. A worker at both Live FM and Ghone TV all in the EIB stable, Miss Gyan is clearly on the rise having relocated to the country recently.


Settled on by distributors of RUSH Energy drink in Ghana to serve as an ambassador, the only daughter of the late Kiki Gyan of Osibisa fame asserted "for someone like me who is always on the go, Rush Energy keeps me going especially on my busiest of days" adding she is hopeful of a fruitful partnership with the Rush folks.  

Vanessa tested the waters to ascertain her suitability for TV work when she served as co-host of The Late Night Celebrity Show with Giovani Caleb on eTV before landing her own show ‘Sincerely Vee’ on the same channel. 

Reports suggest having crossed carpet from Global Media Alliance to Excellence in Broadcasting Network, her ‘Sincerely Vee’ female empowerment show will soon air on GH One TV.

Recently Vanessa featured in Juliet-Ibrahim’s upcoming TV series Every Woman Has A Story in addition to securing a deal to serve as ambassador for international shoe brand Crocs.

On being featured on the front cover of Event Guide Magazine, Vanessa stated "I'm thrilled to be covering the latest issue of Event Guide, especially being the face to launch the rebranded Rush Energy drink."

Event Guide Magazine is an event, advertising and promotion company that covers events in addition to promoting personalities.


The Rush edition of the Magazine has exclusive pictures from events such as Live Aqua Rave, Kwabena Kwabena F14 Concert, Ghana Music Week Launch, Sparrow Production Film Festival, Rush Mash up, EL Album Launch, Quata Tour with Rush and Fashiongh Fashion weekend.

Obrafuor picks award at Obo Kwahu

Hip-life legend Obrafour known in private life as Micheal Kwabena Darko Okyere was honoured last Sunday at a ceremony at Obo Kwahu.


The Okwahuman Achievers awards is used to reward hardworking indigenes of Okwahu who have excelled in their various fields.

Obrafour was honoured with the Art and Culture Award for his contribution to music in Ghana.

Banky-W Taking A Break From Music To Marry

Nigerian musician, Banky W will soon take a break from the music industry, as a recording/performing artiste, to concentrate on finding a woman to marry and build a family with.

Singer AJ Nelson enjoins youth to wise & rise up by disregarding cunning politicians

Nelson Yaw Agyei simply identified as AJ Nelson who hails from Dormaa Ahenkro in the Brong Ahafo region says his form of music can best be described as conscious hiphop adding he sees himself as a music activist.


Divulging these details in an interview with this writer at a pub near the liberty park at Dansoman, AJ who has 6 siblings explained he developed strong affection for music in 1996 fingering Abretsreba Kofi Sammy’s ‘Everyday everyday walker walker’ and Akwasi Ampofo Adjei’s ‘If you do good.. you do for yourself…’ as tunes which gingered him compelling him to paint his room with lyrics of the two songs.

Asked if music has treated him kind, the man whose elderly parents are alive and well noted: “life constitutes downs and ups but when there is passion for what one does, it’s worth the trouble. Music has smiled on me and I have been good to music.”

According to AJ, the tough times in his music career involves putting in creative and financial effort to produce a song and not get to hear it on radio because it’s different and does not tow the path of contemporaries.

Although he has not amassed the following Samini, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Efya and others enjoy, AJ Nelson says he makes his money through shows he puts together as well as few endorsement deals he’s managed to land.

Despite not winning any award in Ghana or elsewhere yet, the ‘Power to the People’ singjay disclosed “to see the crowd go gaga doing my performances and the fact that my fans are not just Nima, Mamobi or Ashiaman folks but seeing also Kenyan, South African, Burkinabe, Togolese, Nigerian and folks from the diaspora enjoy my performances gives me the greatest joy.

AJ Nelson adds “Abraham Ohene Djan once advised me to do music to delight, heal and empower people rather than for awards to avoid heart breaks. Bedsides Tupac, the greatest hiphop artist never won and other greats have never won a Grammy but their genius is acclaimed. True other greats like Nas, Jay Z, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar have also won so it’s all a matter of time.”

The ‘Same Girl’ singer mentioned he is the first artiste to perform at the Ghana Fashion Awards for two consecutive years adding that he’s also manned the Miss Supranational stage as well as shared same stage with industry mates Dark Suburb, EL, Wiyaala, Lauryn Hill, Okyeame Kwame and Jay Ghartey.

As to why he has only offered one album (Soul Food), AJ stated “I can’t afford to put a lightweight album out there so I make sure all things fall in place before I offer an album. My first album for instance is in 45 online stores including ITunes and the feedback and returns are encouraging.”

Once signed on to Jay Ghartey’s GH Brothers label, AJ says he is now managing his affairs under his Corna Rock Entertainment label with plans in place to sign on other artistes.

Unwilling to delve into his romantic life, Michael Eli Dokosi however managed to extract from AJ the fact that he is married to one Sally and there is a child as evidence of their passion sessions. “She is credible, business minded, loves cooking, hails from the Volta region and I love her” was how AJ described the manageress of his heart.

“My biggest project for 2016 is the ‘Power to the People’ peace campaign and movement. Being an election year, I am entreating the youth especially to go out and vote but they must not avail themselves to be used for partisan gains. Wise up and rise up and disregard any cunning politician. Faya Burn any bad mind” Mr. Nelson enjoined.

According to AJ Nelson, plans are afoot for the ‘Power to the People’ concert in September 2016. Regarding inspiration for the ‘Power to the People’ campaign, AJ Nelson observed “I have always sought to be the Nelson Mandela of hiphop. Madiba had a forgiving heart and his ideology gave life. The campaign is for the youth to achieve greater feats in life despite the tough times we live in.”

The hubby and dad  reserved praise for producer Genius Selection as one engineer who has an appreciation for good music making working with him a delight although they have qualms regarding time management. He also acknowledged the skills of Fizzy Ankonde, Cabum, P. Wizzle, Jay Ghartey and Appietus.

Aside funds from music, AJ also runs a stationery shop with wife as well as a pig farm in the Brong Ahafo region to diversify income streams.

AJ also holds Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Martin Luther King, Muamar Gadhafi, Malcom X, Gandhi and Booker T. Washington in high regard for advancing the African cause.

Too Much & Alaska delight in new series ‘Junka Town’

It is evident that Kofi Asamoah directed ‘Boys Kasa’ series involving the ‘Adventures of Kalybos’ launched the successful careers of Kalybos real name Richard Asante and Ahuofe Patri a.k.a Priscilla Opoku Agyeman.



The under 5 minutes skit, chronicling  the pompous ways of Kalybos in wooing the love of Ahuofe Patri quickly became a toast of many Ghanaians thanks to Kalybos’ queer laughs, mannerism and quirky ways as well as Ahuofe’s stern disposition.

Without a doubt Kofas Media Production had crisp images and plot even managing to secure an Airtel sponsorship which made Kalybos and Ahoufe brand ambassadors.

But as with everything else, the series seems to have lost steam although it has to be said, Kofas Media has made incursions into mainstream movie making business offering its debut movie ‘Kalybos in China’ a few moons ago and set to premier new work ‘Amakye and Dede’ involving top Ghanaian acts John Dumelo, Majid Michel, Kalybos, Ahuofe Patri and others at the Accra Mall and West Hills Mall on March 26, 2016.

Ghanaians must have wondered what next but it didn’t take long for director Solomon Busumtwi Sam a.k.a ‘Director Impossible’ to conceive and execute ‘Junka Town’ a series chronicling the tough life and hustles of inhabitants of Ghana’s twin and oil city Sekondi-Takoradi.

The ‘Tango One Films Production’ is a must watch as it scores high marks in many departments. In actors Too Much, Alaska, Yogot, Ajara Mapouka, Slim Joe, Esi Tiger, Body Talk, Debbie Jackson a.k.a Adi Bo Metsi, Ramen, Esi Critical, C.O Walu and many others, ‘Junka Town’ without a doubt has introduced a new crop of actors who can hold their own against any challenge.

Too Much real name Ibrahim Idrees is the lead character of this series and for good reason. Possessing a lanky frame and a boisterous spirt, Too Much’s word play is solid. Having decent command of the Patois language and mastery over Takoradi Fante, Too Much is simply a delight to behold.

A hustler in every sense of the word, he undertakes menial jobs to survive often employing schemes to have an edge.

In one of his philosophical rants, he asserts: “there is too much racism on the part of whites against blacks all over the world. They make white cars and choose to make the tyres blacks just to spite but once teeroll remains white I am good.”

True there is really no plot in ‘Junka Town’ as the scenes are random skits cobbled together in just under 1:20 minutes but the humour inspired creations can be educational, enlightening and inspirational as much as entertaining.

Another strength of the ‘Junka Town’ series is the choice of locations. True there are scenes revealing the city centre, night life through the spots, joints and bases but without a doubt where the scouters impress largely is the choice of the countryside where a lot of greenery abounds. It gives one that feel one gets when watching Jamaican Roots reggae video.

Too Much’s wooden ghetto is a most appropriate depiction of just how tough life is for good number of people either in Sekondi-Takoradi or other parts of the country. The hustle is indeed tough for both males and females.

The music score of the film is pleasing and to think ‘Too Much’ put in some tight music performance of his own is commendable.The ‘Junka Town’ tune is apt and sets the tone so nicely for the visuals.

One curious thing about ‘Junka Town’ is the promotionals (free bonto) done for telco giant Tigo Ghana. I cannot say if they have received a handsome sum from the telecom guru but if it’s to woo them to sponsor then the folks at Tigo ought to show love and make huge stars of Too Much, Alaska, Ajara and the others while enabling director Busumtwi Sam to have financial reserves so he can concentrate on writing more gripping scripts.

Yogot real name Osman Idrees is your scammer, confident trickster and plain thief, disguising himself as a land owner, cripple and elderly man begging for alms.  Yogot portrays a society where some have taken to formats/schemes to dupe others so as to earn bread. Although he does okay one gets the sense that Yogot’s performance could be tighter and crispier.

In ‘Junka Town’, Takoradi lads dream to travel to Europe is treated where often stow away is their preferred option.

Junka Town’s technical bit although not so crisp as ‘Boys Kasa’ yet still offers decent effort regarding animation, use of graphics, editing and camera handling.

Another high scoring department of ‘Junka Town’ series has to do with costuming. How they secure the apparels I cannot tell but it makes for delightful viewing. When Too Much and Alaska are in full gear, with their skin tight and baby tops coupled with curious hats, you must possess such high levels of self-restraint not to burst out laughing.

While Too Much is the boss of Junka Town, unlike Kalybos in ‘Boys Kasa’, he is not the only boss. In doing his bit to advance the series, the undisputed other boss is Alaska real name Kofi Acquah.

Depicted as a victim of life’s cruelness, Alaska by costume, footwear, meal choice, posture, utterances and facial expression would leave you wondering if he is any different in real life. His portrayal of his character is so effortlessly real that certainly Ghanaians would hope to see more of the man so crude that as he himself puts it: “I have not changed my oil in 15 years as no lady is willing to lay with me because of poverty.”

Alaska reminds one of the stellar years of Mr. Beautiful before his involvement in partisan politics reduced his on screen appearances.

Ajara Mapouka a.k.a Mansa Mensah is the sweet heart of Too Much. Proving that when a man so poor as a church rat can still attract love interest with his vim and words, Ajara’s and Too Much’s love story gives hope that despite the hustle ‘brodas and sistrens’ can still show each other love when there is  genuine attraction.

Ajara shines with her warmth and support for her man despite the nay sayings of tight buddy Priscilla.

C.O Walu is your braggart who unlike any man worth his name cannot fight to save his life but his antics especially his disregard of Too Much’s low position makes for interesting viewing.

Of course the treatment of various topics won’t have been whole without treating casual sex. It is here that Esi Critical’s tango with Too Much gets intriguing while Debbie Jackson proudly proclaims her sexuality through her dress style, nick name ‘Adi Bo Metsi’ and deeds.

‘Junka Town’ offers some compelling and profound statements. Take one by Too Much: “We are in the same game different levels, in the same hell, different devils.”

One by Debbie Jackson: “No one has the right to judge me because I know what I have been through however I can choose to let it define, confine, refine, outshine me or choose to move on and save the s**t behind me.”

The ultimate advice to unemployed men however is: “An empty pocket has no right to an erection.”


‘Junka Town’ is a must watch. I cannot tell if any of the mainstream or digital TV channels are airing it but there is every need for such a gripping series to be offered for public consumption as I got my copies from a friend who thought I needed to do a review.

Late actor Solomon Sampah to be laid to rest on April 30, 2016

The mortal remains of the late veteran actor Solomon Sampah will be laid to rest on April 30, 2016.

Ziggy Netteyson, General Secretary of the Ghana Actors Guild confirmed the burial in an interview with Hitz News.


Ziggy said “since he was a sub-chief in Dome Sampaman, near Amasaman in the Greater Accra Region, he will be taken there on the April 28 for wake keeping,”

That wake keeping will be followed by another one on April 29 and then burial on April 30. The burial will be followed by a memorial service. The veteran actor died on Friday, January 22, 2016 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital after a short illness.

Ziggy also revealed that the Guild and other stakeholders are still in talks with the family to allow their association have access to the body so that they can pay their last respects to the veteran actor, who was their Welfare Officer.

“But the Guild and some stakeholders are talking to the family to release him for us on April 28 so that we can hold a vigil for him at the Art Centre or the National Theatre.”

Solomon Sampah died at age 70, he was survived by a wife and eight children – four males and four females.

Solomon is well known for the popular Original Hacks commercial and starred in several movies including ‘Foul Play’, ‘Queen’s Bride’, ‘Owuo Safoa’, and ‘Ultimate Paradise’ television series.

Hitz FM

Does Adom TV’s telenovela host know her husband truly?

Adwoa Saah, actress and host of Adom TV’s popular telenovela, ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ got married to her long-time boyfriend, Solomon Akwasi Boateng, on Saturday, March 19, at the Action Chapel in Accra.


The wedding which is less than a week has started pulling controversies with serious allegations being leveled against the freshly-minted husband.

According to a report on , Mr Boateng has two children, two-year-old Afriyie and one-year-old Nhyira with two different women in UK.

With similarities to the marriage scandal involving Kumawood’s Kyeiwaa, the report, claims that one of “the mothers of [Mr. Boateng's children] spoke to him the morning before the wedding and he did not even mention any impending wedding”.

“Adwoa Saah’s husband- Solomon Akwasi Boateng has a cunning reputation—because, it was during the christening of his first child that, the then new born mother got to know that, another woman was also pregnant for her partner and father of her child”, the website claims.

Adwoa Saah, the 2nd runner-up in the 2007 edition of TV3' ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful’ contest, has since the wedding been thanking God for blessing her with a king, and also informing her fans on social media of her new title: ‘Mrs Boateng’.

“The best dress I have ever worn," she wrote on Instagram. "God changed my destiny in this dress, my garment of praise cut to fit me, a divine day in history 19/3/16. #akingfoundme. Jesus wrote my testimony in the sands of time! Agye Nyame. Call me Mrs Boateng”

According to, it is unclear whether the actress/TV host is aware of her new husband's "double life".

Pappy Kojo and I are good– Kofi Kinaata

For sometime now, it has been a huge debate among the public that between Kofi Kinaata and Pappy Kojo, who is the boss.


Martin King Arthur popularly known as Kofi Kinaata has disclosed that he has never in his showbiz career considered his fellow T’adi colleague Pappy Kojo as a threat at all. This and more he revealed in an interview with Prince Benjamin on Class 91.3 Fm.

When asked by the host, Prince Benjamin whether he considers Pappy Kojo as a threat. He answered, “Pappy Kojo is never a threat to me. We are all trying to push T’adi music to the world. We are all promoting T’adi together”.

He continued, “It’s just like Ghana where we have Minister of Tourism, Minister of that, and they are all working to promote Ghana to the world same as Pappy Kojo and I. Both of us are promoting T’adi together, so he is not a threat to me at all, never.” He ended.

On how he got his showbiz name, he said, “So the name on my birth certificate is Martin King Arthur. I just manipulated it someway and that’s how come I have the name Kofi Kinaata as by showbiz name today.”

Kofi Kinaata is nominated in 7 categories at this year’s VGMAs and says he is hopeful of winning best new artiste of the year, songwriter of the year and even most popular song of the year.

Don’t make us enemies - Flowking Stone on Sark comparisons

Many Ghanaians have compared Sarkodie and Flowking Stone for long but it looks like the latter is not happy about “Who murdered who on "fire bon dem remix” comparison.


The rapper in a chat on Starr FM said Sarkodie is a very good friend so it is not healthy for Ghanaians to compare them.

“The two people I put on the song are like my brothers especially Sarkodie whom I host most often when he comes to Kumasi and had contacted me to feature on the remix of the original track after seeing the video on YouTube.

The reason why I got back to Sarkodie was because I felt the fans wanted to hear us together, I believe in collaborations and also prove to our fans that we are not at loggerheads.

I felt it had been long overdue and the fans were waiting for so long because it was something myself and Sarkodie had planned every time we met.

I don’t know who put that out there about us battling each other because I’m too grown for that. Initially I thought it was healthy competition and when the competition is healthy it makes you step up your game as an artiste, but when people concentrate on the competition and not the collaboration then it becomes something else.

It is a song to address our individual issues because it has soul…we are both rappers from Ghana and mostly do twi rap.

We can tongue twist and go slow on a track but we come from different backgrounds…we are similar in a way and different in a way,” he stated.

GHAMRO’s troubles fester

The Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) has filed a suit at the Accra High Court, seeking among other things, an order to compel three of its former executives to account for GH¢429,636.00 they transferred from the organisation’s accounts in December 2013.

The plaintiff is also praying the court for an order to compel the defendants to refund a total of GH¢55,000.00 used to purchase a Toyota V8 vehicle in 2014 and GH¢63,000.00 purportedly spent on a visit to Takoradi as well as the return of the vehicle.

The three defendants are Mr Carlos Sakyi, former chairman/acting CEO of the interim board GHAMRO, Amandzeba Nat Brew and Mr Kobbena Kwakye Kabobo, both former deputy chairpersons of the organisation.
Motionpix Photography is the other defendant in the suit.


A statement of claim accompanying the suit said between May 2011 and July 2014, Mr Sakyi, Amandzeba Nat Brew and Mr Kabobo constituted the core management team of GHAMRO and collected royalties on behalf of members of the plaintiff organisation.

It said the Human Rights Division of the High Court in Accra in July 2014 removed the three defendants, among others, from acting as the management team of the plaintiff and appointed five persons as receivers/managers to run the affairs of GHAMRO.


According to the statement, the court-appointed receivers/managers commissioned an independent audit into the financial administration of GHAMRO during the tenure of the defendants, who between 2011 and 2014 formed the core management of the plaintiff organisation.

It said the audit into the financial matters of GHAMRO revealed very significant dissipation of funds by the defendants to the detriment of members of the plaintiff organisation.

It said all effort to get the defendants to respond to the auditor’s findings of financial malfeasance had proved futile since they had failed or refused to respond to same following numerous requests.

The statement said in December 2013, the defendants transferred the sum of GH¢429,636.00 from GHAMRO’s account into other persons’ personal accounts with no stated purpose for the transfers.

According to the statement, in February 2014 the defendants issued an Agricultural Development Bank cheque 103377 on GHAMRO’s account with face value of GH¢55,000 to buy a Toyota V8 vehicle for the organisation, but the said vehicle had not been seen, in spite of the fact that they had been removed by the High Court.

Motionpix Photography

It said in July 2014, including dates after the High Court, Accra (Human Rights Division) had removed the defendants, they paid GH¢51,650 to Motionpix Photography for so-called ID Cards/Anti-piracy documentary, which was never undertaken.

During the audit, Motionpix Photography admitted receiving the money and promised to refund same to the plaintiff, but had failed or refused to do so.
The statement said in February 2014, Mr C.K. Mann, a member of GHAMRO fell ill and the management of the organisation visited him in Takoradi, during which GH¢11,500 was withdrawn by the defendants for the visit.

It said the audit of expenses for the said visit based on the payment vouchers issued for the cheque withdrawals disclosed a total of GH¢7,500.
The difference between the cheque amount and payment vouchers was GH¢4,000 and no receipts were even provided for the expenditures of GH¢7,500 as stated on the payment voucher, it added.

It said during their tenure, the defendants illegally paid various sums of monies belonging to members of GHAMRO to themselves and other persons without any justifiable basis or any receipts or proper documentation to cover such payments and withdrawals.

Mazda car

According to the statement, during the tenure of the defendants, GHAMRO owned a Mazda car, but since they were removed from office, they had refused to surrender the car to the plaintiff.

“Unless this honourable court compels the defendants to refund the various sums, they have evinced a clear intention to deprive the plaintiff organisation of the monies belonging to its members without justification,” the statement added.

Confidence Haugen takes stroll with new baby

Ghanaian socialite, Confidence Haugen who is well in her 40s was blessed with a baby boy not long ago in London—and the mother recently stepped out with her new baby.

The weather in London is getting better so Confidence decided to take the baby out in a pram, pushing it the London Mother style. It’s common in London to meet mothers of different status pushing their babies on and off buses, trains and around—unlike Ghana where such pushing wouldn’t be convenient because of the nature of our environment.

Confidence looks bright; obviously, she is happy with her new status—as a mother.

I love tourism and my appointment is strictly voluntary - John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, John Dumelo has disclosed he has been appointed a tourism ambassador because of his love for tourism.


After news of his appointment went viral, social media platforms have been flooded with dissenting views on what necessitated the move. While some argued that it was politically motivated because if his affiliation to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), others opined he deserved it as he has been travelling across the globe and can sell the country better.

But in an interview on Hitz FM on Wednesday, John Dumelo mentioned that it was voluntary. According to him, he will not receive any gratifications for the appointment.

“The ministry decided to make me a tourism ambassador because of my love for tourism. I have been a tourism advocate for over five years. I will still continue going to tourist attractions in Ghana, put it on my social media and let people know of the wonderful places Ghana has. It’s strictly voluntary. The ministry is not paying me, neither am I getting anything from it,” he noted

Meanwhile some have sought to inquire if John Dumelo’s appointment means an earlier proposal by the ministry to make award-winning young actor, Abraham Attah a tourism ambassador will not be realised.