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Efia Odo’s boyfriend impregnates another lady?

By Michael Klugey
Efia Odo’s boyfriend impregnates another lady?
Efia Odo’s boyfriend impregnates another lady?

Efia Odo's lover boy Kweku Reveloe is alleged to have impregnated his side chick according to a post sighted by PrimeNewsGhana on Social media. 

The lady in question is unknown but the lady's friend reached out to a celebrity blogger on Instagram with the name @thosecalledcelebs.

According to the post, the pregnancy is now three month and Kweku Reveloe has not denied or accepted the pregnancy but his hands are tied because he fears his 'main chick' Efia Odo will get angry if she should find out.

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The post by“thosecalledcelebs” reads: “I was der one afternoon and i got a whole lot of messages from a lady….all her story is dat…her friend is pregnant for Reveloe…dax Efia Odo supposed future husband in dream 😀. pregnancy is 3 months old and Kwaku is not denying her tho but de relationship is just complicated cux wen kwaku go to de lady’s house to give her chop money kraaa…der is fire on de mountain. …Efia kako go vex…so Revloe has finalise de case dat….his preg girlfriend shld go n abort de baby..DAX BLASPHEMY ✋✋✋wen i hear abortion. sumfin go start paining me 😯😯😯….de girl mum too has warn de daughter not to touch de unborn baby….kyer3s3 nsem no dooso oooo….hmmm am tired ooo…any advice for de lady and Kwaku as de father???”

Efia Odo’s lover boy, Kweku Reveloe has always been described as a hit and run type of guy and even married to one of his several girlfriends called Jennifer, whom he currently has a daughter with.

Kweku Reveloe is yet to respond to all these allegations made on social media about him. 

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