Prime News Ghana

For the third time Wanlov is denied U.S visa

By Michael Eli Dokosi
Wanlov da Kubolor
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The ways of the America embassy in Accra can even confound a bankable prophet and so it was that eccentric entertainer Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu better identified as Wanlov da Kubolor has had his application for an American visa denied for the third time.

That would be no news as its apparent the embassy makes good money off Ghanaian citizens back through visa denials which also go in hand with no refund labels.

The thing however about Wanlov da Kubolor’s case is the excuse that he will not return to Ghana upon expiration of his visa.

Given that this is globe trotter and a regular feature at global music festivals with buddy Mensa, the visa denial sums up the disregard of some expatriates for our nationals and the contempt they bear many of us; in loving our money yet loathing the beings.

So this morning i got refused a us visa for the third time...dey say i go run away...yet i have been all over the world & always come home ?