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Ghanaian DJ’s stifling creativity with their myopia - Quata

Quata Budukusu
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Self-acclaimed originator of tongue-twisting rap in Ghana, Quata Budukusu known in real life as Jacob Kwame Etroo is blaming Ghanaian DJ's for his loss of inspiration to make music in the past six years.

Speaking on Adom TV’s Bisa Nwom music request show, he said “I lost inspiration for doing music in Ghana because Ghanaian DJ’s have created the impression if you don’t sing a particular style there’s no way they will play that song.”

Quata said he is tired because the Ghana music industry does not allow artistes to be creative and do new things.

The former tongue-twister said he does not understand why radio DJs have pushed Ghanaian musicians into a corner where they are forced to sing songs with the same style and tempo.

He however revealed that after spending six years in hibernation, Ghanaians should expect nothing but the best from him because his comeback is to change Ghanaian music.

He is currently promoting his two new singles “Wind N Go low” and “One life to live”.