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Social media users attack rapper Joe Budden for calling women celebrating Caribbean carnivals ‘hoes’

By Michael Klugey
Social media users attack raper Joe Budden for calling women celebrating Caribbean carnivals ‘hoes’
Social media users attack raper Joe Budden for calling women celebrating Caribbean carnivals ‘hoes’

The Caribbean natives and several people in the black community on social media did not take it lightly when former rapper turned controversial media personality and broadcaster Joe Budden decided to take a supposedly light jab at women who travelled from near and wide to join carnival celebrations in the Caribbean which saw its peak over the weekend. 

In the latest episode of his podcast series, The Joe Budden Podcast, the broadcaster took a minute to weigh in his views on women and the celebration of Caribbean festivals saying, “‘these chicks can’t wait to put on Carnival costumes and be hoes”, sounding clearly misinformed and undereducated about the popular Caribbean carnivals.

The derogatory statement soon made it to social media with people reacting differently.

While a huge number of people found the cringe-worthy statement a 100% offensive and insulting to the Caribbean culture, its women and women as a whole, a smaller group found it needed as he was supposedly referring to African American women who go to the Caribbean specifically to take part in the Carnival and “hoe around”.

Another group felt that Joe Budden was not smart enough or educated enough on the said topic and should not be taken seriously.

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For one, Joe’s statement goes a long way in degrading the essence of the costume-wearing and parading during the Caribbean carnival season. It also implies that women take the opportunity to ‘expose’ themselves in the costume and find a man or two to have fun with leaving memories of nice guys they only wanted to hook up with. Among many other things, the statement also implies that the Caribbean festival has no proper roots and only presents a time of fun and adventure for many people (especially women).

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Joe Budden has since apologized for the statement after several backlash and demands despite mocking people who attempted to call him out in an earlier tweet.


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