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VIDEO: Yvonne Nelson descend heavily on Counselor Lutterodt

By Richmond Thompson
Yvonne Nelson descend heavily on Counselor Lutterodt
Yvonne Nelson descend heavily on Counselor Lutterodt

Actress Yvonne Nelson has finally descended on counselor Lutterodt for talking ill about her daughter just to trend on social media and for people to laugh. 

The award-winning actress in an exclusive chat with Abeiku Santana on UTV's 'ATUU' show said that counselor Lutterodt can never be her friend because she hates people who are only interested in negativity. 

Yvonne Nelson during the interview also said that she blames his wife for how her husband has been chastising people and not saying anything about.

The host asked Yvonne whether she will ever be a friend with Counsellor or not, she said no she doesn’t want him as a friend and he can never be a friend to such a person like him.

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“How can he ever be my friend, how? I don’t want him as a friend yea he can never be a friend, I don’t like people who are all about negativity because she or he wnt to trend or someone watches them and laugh.

“Some things are not funny. My child has done nothing to you if you have a problem with the mother, fair enough, but the child has done nothing to you. Do you understand?

“But I don’t blame Counsellor Lutterodt because his ‘senseless’ with who is in the house don’t advise her him. I blame his wife, his family members and everybody in his family, you don’t do that,” she angry told Abeiku Santana.

Counselor Luttrodt on several occasions has described Yvonne Nelson's glorification of giving birth as 'shameful'. 

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Yvonne Nelson later concluded by saying the counselor's wife and his family are the reason why he has been misbehaving because they can't put sense in his head.


Watch the full interview here:


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