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FIFA World Cup Time Travel: Opportunity for Africa and Timing for Spain

By Frank Yeboah
Spain National Team
Spain National Team

Africa hosted the World Cup for the first time in 2010 and we can remember the Waka Waka song of Shakira. The World Cup turned out to be extra special for her as she found her partner Gerard Pique, the defender, while they were shooting for the album. But many did not like the incident of a Colombian singer singing for Africa!

Spain’s Journey in 2018

That year, Spain went on to the lift the cup by beating the Netherlands. The partnership between defenders Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique did magic for Spain- they won the title even when they scored quite low all through the tournament. They just scored 8 goals in 7 matches while they were already the Euro champions, making them fit for betway soccer betting.

However, the going for Spain hasn’t been as easy this year, even though they did manage to come triumphs the last time.

Spain was not lucky in the beginning losing out to Switzerland, but they sailed across the group stage. They won with a 1-0 result for which they had to thank Andres Iniesta. He was the one to score the goal in extra time fighting with Netherlands who are known for their aggressive physical attacks and tackling.

For Spain this year, when it comes to the World Cup, they have a lot to prove and to ensure that they are seen in the same starlight as always. That isn’t going to be easy though as we are going to see a lot more football and quality football at that, from other teams. For one, African football teams are sure to make their mark felt as well.

How Will African Football Compete?

Luis Suarez also can be said to have made the best save in the tournament. He killed the hope of Ghana by clearing the ball off the line with his hand.  Suarez knew exactly what he was doing when he used his hands to tackle the head made by Dominic Adiyiah. Suarez peacefully accepted the red card and walked back to the dugout. Sadly, the red card did not favor Ghana much as Asamoah Gyan was not able to make use of the spot kick that was given for the foul. It was a tiebreaker and Ghana wasn’t able to come out of it with smiling faces.

Jabulani, on the other hand, was not viewed favorably by almost everyone because his moves in the air were totally unpredictable for the goalkeepers. We are not talking about any player but about the official football used in the tournament. Iker Casillas, the Spanish captain felt that the ball was like a beach ball. When he tried to kick it, the ball somehow seemed to move out of the way. It is not a normal behavior of the ball according to him and seemed supernatural.

On top of that, you may remember the harsh and irritating vuvuzela which created quite a disturbance during the games. It reached such a level that they were banned from the next matches!