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A/R: Fire kills 13-year old boy at Asafo

By Mutala Yakubu
A/R: Fire kills 13-year old boy at Asafo

Reports from the Ashanti Region indicate that a 13-year-old boy has met his untimely death after fire gutted their house.

Residents at the Asafo fitting shop area said the fire started around 5:30 am when the boy was still asleep as his parents were out.

The house of the boy is located within the fitting enclave.

They say they were unable to break into the wooden structure in which the boy was sleeping due to the intensity of the fire.

This led to the death of the boy and about 7 shops were burnt down to ashes.

The Fire Service says they are investigating the incident but residents are agitated with them as they believe they arrived at the scene late.

The residents believe if they had arrived early they could have saved the boy.

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