Accra Floods: Ghana always develop structures before planning - Randy Abbey 

By Clement Edward Kumsah

Randy Abbey,  a football administrator and host of Good morning Ghana on Metro TV has said upon a close observation the annual flooding in Accra and other regions in Ghana is mainly because, in Ghana,  development precedes planning.

Speaking on Joy FM's news analysis programme NewsFile, Randy Abbey said Ghana's activities towards development appears to be contrary to the normal procedure in the developed world.

“In the developed world, planning precedes development; in our part of the world development precedes planning. Every time you have the developers taking the lead and then you have planners having to do the catch up” 

Randy Abbey's comment comes after several areas in Accra were submerged due to the late night heavy downpour on Monday, June 18, 2018.

Several residents in flood-prone areas were stuck in their homes and shops. Vehicles were seen parked on the shoulders of roads to avert being trapped.

There were distress calls to various media houses, especially radio stations, for the intervention of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) point to the fact that a number of areas in the national capital, Accra, have been flooded, with properties going under water following hours of torrential rains.

The heavy downpour left at least six people dead including a young medical doctor.

The medical doctor Aya Hayfron had her car washed away in a Teshie flood while she attempted driving through to her residence.

She was trapped and her body found two days later by some local fishermen at the Kpeshie lagoon.

Badly hit areas were the usual places that flood whenever there is a heavy downpour such as Mataheko, Kaneshie, Dansoman, Adjiringanor, Kwashieman-Santa Maria and Osum precisely the Osu Royal Preparatory School area, Odowna, Kwashieman, Mamprobi, among others.


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