Accra: Let’s dialogue and build peace in the Ga State -Asafoatse

By Wendy Amarteifio
A section of chiefs and leaders in the Ga traditional area

King Ayi Tunnma II, the Asafoatse of the Ga State, has called for dialogue among the various chiefs and traditional leaders for peace to prevail in the State.

The Asafoatse said in a press statement that chieftaincy disputes in the Ga State continue to impede its growth and development.

The phenomenon, he said, continues to exist due to division and irresponsible acts of some leaders of the various groupings, who always place their selfish interest over that of the state.

These acts have resulted in chieftaincy disputes and unwarranted land litigations which do not allow infrastructure development and the general good of the Ga State including the Ga-Dangbe traditional area.

Issues of chieftaincy and land disputes have been identified as some of the key challenges bedeviling the progress of the Ga State.

But King Ayi Tunnma believes that if the various factions were ready to dialogue and put their parochial interests away, there would be lasting peace in the land.

The statement further pledged the commitment of the Ga-Dangbe Lands Administration to dialogue with state institutions for sanity to prevail in the allocation of land and also assist the land sector agency to rectify all anomalies relating to land issues.

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King Ayi Tunnma also called on the local government to recognize traditional rulers as indigenes, where issues of lands are concerned and accord them the necessary respect as the rightful owners of the Ga State.

He said he would help resolve challenges on land matters to avoid inconveniences relative to land litigation and disputes in chieftaincy as afar as the Ga-Dangbe Land Administration is concerned.

He further pledged his support for government institutions and national projects that would ensure that the Ga State and the entire nation benefits enormously in terms of infrastructure and development.

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