International Press Institute condemns the murder of Ahmed Hussin

By Wendy Amarteifio
Tiger eye killing:Anas releases statement by IPI

The International Press Institute, IPI, a global network of media practitioners has condemned the killing of Tiger Eye PI's investigative journalist Ahmed Hussin -Suale.

According to the statement," the brutal murder of Ahmed Husein underscores the grave danger that journalists especially those who tackle corruption and abuse of power, face in their line of work'', IPI Director of Advocacy Ravi R.Prasad said."

"The government of Ghana must swiftly investigate this crime and bring the killers to justice,'' the statement added.

The statement stated that Anas and his team have received several threats in their line of duty and this is evident in the video posted by Anas on Kennedy Agyapong showing photographs of Ahmed and called for his assassination.

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Tiger Eye PI is known for its undercover exposure of corruption and human rights abuses in Africa. This was achieved by using hidden cameras and disguise. 


Below is the release



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