AMA PRO Numo Blafo reassigned

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Numo Blafo

The Head of Public Affairs of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Numo Blafo III, has been removed from the position.

He is believed to have been assigned a new role by the Ministry of Information, but it is unclear where exactly he’s headed to, and in what capacity he will be serving.

A statement issued by the AMA on Tuesday did not give details about the major change at the Assembly

His position is now occupied by a former parliamentary correspondent and journalist with the Information Services Department (ISD), Gilbert Nii Ankrah.

The statement, however, urged the media and the general public to deal directly with Mr Ankrah who from indications has already assumed office and will work as the official mouthpiece of the Assembly.

Gilbert Nii Ankrah has over ten years experience in Journalism and Public Relations.

He joined the Information Services Department (ISD) as a journalist in 2007.