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Flouting COVID-19 protocols: EC must be held responsible, they promised to safeguard us - Prof Kwaku Asare

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Prof. Stephen Kwaku Asare
Prof. Stephen Kwaku Asare
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Public Law fellow at CDD-Ghana Prof. Stephen Kwaku Asare is asking Ghanaians to put the blame of any spread in Covid-19 at the various voters' registration centres at the doorstep of the EC.

According to him, the EC before the commencement of the registration exercise promised that the safety protocols will be adhered to strictly but occurrences now show otherwise.

The registration exercise which began on June 30 has been coupled with non-adherence to the safety protocols.

The EC in a letter urged the public to adhere to the protocols but Prof Kwaku Asare thinks the blame for such noncompliance should be on the EC.

He explained that the EC gave an assurance to protect people after it invited them to registers so the issues of responsibility for the actions should not be to the individual but the EC. 

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"The last chance to do something about it was at the Supreme Court and nothing really happened the Supreme Court gave the EC the go-ahead to undertake the exercise. There is a distinction between discretionary activities and one like to register to vote because if you don't do it carries so many consequences including sometimes your ability to run for an office in the future."

"The point is the EC has assured us it will be able to do this safely and so we should hold them to that and demand that they do it safely and frankly the way I see it if there is any evidence that something has gone wrong they should be held responsible."

He noted that we should find ways to monitor continuously what is going on and make adjustments as needed.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) also wants EC Chair Jean Mensa and other officials held responsible for a surge in COVID-19 cases in Ghana.


General Secretary of the GMA Justice Yankson said a lot of the protocols were flouted and it is the responsibility of the EC officials to ensure all are duly followed.

"Some of the places we visited were still jammed with people who were not respecting any of the safety protocols. Of course, you may find a few people in the mask but the large majority had thrown that mask bit into gutters and were not respecting any of the social distancing activities as required by all of us and we did not see the EC in charge trying to ensure that the right safety activities are practised. We think that it is their responsibility they are the ones undertaking this particular exercise and once that does not happen then they should be held responsible by the state," he told Joy news