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President's bodyguard who shoved old man was right - Security Expert

By Hagar Ofosua

The Executive Director of the Ghana Institute of Governance and Security, David Agbey has said the security attaché who was seen in a viral video shoving an old man was doing his work.

Nevertheless, he was quick to add that, the security officers should have been vigilant enough to have prevented the man from getting closer to the president.

“I was sad for the man, however, I cannot also blame the security attaché to the president because the security man was doing what is expected of him.  It is a very dicey issue because the security man was doing what was expected of him because at that time nobody could predict what the man was holding”.

In an interview on Accra- based Starr FM monitored by PrimeNewsGhana, Mr. Agbey noted that he was expecting the President to get down to talk to the old man.

“I was expecting the president, whom we use to call the ‘show boy’ could have whispered to the ears of the driver and get down to establish some rapport with the gentleman because he felt embarrassed”, he added.

 He, however, cautioned the security detail of the President to be extra vigilant.

A presidential bodyguard punched to the floor an old man who tried to get a handshake from the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, while in his car. 

In a 33-second viral video on social media, the man was seen forcefully trying to get a handshake from the President, but even before he could get closer, he was heavily pushed and crashed to the floor by the bodyguard.

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