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Ghanaians voice out their expectations from PDS

By Wendy Amarteifio
Ghanaians voice out their expectations from PDS

Some Ghanaians have voiced out their expectations from the new owners of the Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG that is the Power Distribution Services Ghana (PDS). The PDS took over from ECG on March 1, 2019.

Ghanaians have complained about the recent blackouts in parts of the countries and have communicated their grievances. Adding to that they say the situation affects their day to day activities like low productivity in their line of businesses, sleepless night due to power outage, unavailability of students to study at night among others.

There was a total blackout on March 12, 2019, and this has caused many to believe that Dumsor has returned.

Some Ghanaians have expressed their displeasure and expectations from the new power supply company, PDS. PrimeNewsGhana took to the streets to interview Ghanaians about the new owners.

''People are asking if dumsor is back, because there was flow in electricity till this begun in recent times. I don't know if this problem was not addressed earlier on before the coming of this company or it is restructuring thing that is taking place.We expect the new company to inform Ghanaians about this sector and come out with a better PR system and let us know, Ghanaians will be willing to sacrifice to get better services in the future based on what kind of information they give'', one man voiced his concern

''We need better services ,constant power supply is what we need.We hope the new company will do better than the former services.PDS should notify the public if a problem arises which may result in blackout for us to schedule and prepare and also if any maintenance will take place .Also,I believe the PDS should bring on board ECG's schedule of power outrage for designated areas,'' a resident of Circle added.

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''I expect them to do better than the previous company(ECG), even yesterday they should have given us prior notice of the blackouts . We are expecting a new change in terms of services,we want constant flow of power supply.They should put in mechanisms to earn the admiration of all citizens''.

''They should just make sure the light out stop.Also,they should engage the media through announcements to make people aware of the situation to adjust themselves.They should do better than ECG to avert blackout in the future,'' a resident of Adabraka said.

Some people think the PDS will not bring any change to the Energy sector saying that there was an existence of a problem which was not looked into at the initial stages to be averted and its affecting power supply in recent times.

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