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Identify transformational leaders in basic schools - Prof. Jonathan Fletcher to Headteachers

By Wendy Amarteifio
transformational leaders
Prof. Jonathan Fletcher

The Dean for School of Education and Leadership of the University of Ghana, Professor Jonathan Fletcher is calling on headteachers to identify and support pupils in basic schools who possess transformational leadership qualities.

According to him, the nation has no future if school heads do not look out for transformational leadership in various schools.

Speaking at an induction service of the chartered institute of leadership on governance in Kumasi today November 25 2019 he called for an audit of the calibre of persons chosen as school heads of basic schools

''Transformational leadership means we are doing things differently, creating jobs for people through innovative ways, thinking about our societies, thinking about the things that will happen not today but 10 years time. That is transformational leadership. You see that you have a primary school where the headteacher says I am the head here, am the boss and what I say is final. Headteachers need to be audited before appointed''.

''That is not transformational leadership and its very important that as a nation we need to find ways to support and identify pupils in our basic schools who will become transformational leaders because in this country if we reciprocate the cooperation that we get in our schools and workplaces and therefore we have that as an asset. In our schools, we have pupils who are ready to learn and therefore we must try and invest in them and make sure we benefit from them,'' he added.


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