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Kasoa: Poor parenting, negligence major cause of ‘ritual’ killings – Adib Saani

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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Foreign Policy and Security Analyst, Abib Saani has blamed the murder of a 10-year-old-boy at Kosoa by two teenagers allegedly for money rituals on poor parenting and negligence on the part of authorities tasked to champion the welfare of children.

He observed that most parents expressed less interest in the safety of their children and rather engaged in practices that exposed their children to criminals.

In an interview with Asaase Radio, Mr Saani underscored the need for parents to exercise a great deal of caution and circumspection so far as the security of their families is concerned.

He also urged parents to desist from sharing vital information about their children online and continuously teach their children some basic security measures to ensure that they do not fall in the traps of criminals.

“Let us involve the children in the security maintenance process. Sometimes we feel protecting the house is the sole responsibility of the adult; the children have a very important role to play. For instance, teach your children that anybody who knocks at the door except from mummy and daddy, don’t open the door to anyone without the tacit approval of mummy and Daddy.”

“Secondly teach the children that when they are out and about; never heed to people’s calls especially those who intend to offer them gifts. Children easily trust and it is sometimes easier for criminals to win their trust,” Mr Saani said.

Felix Nyarko, 15, and Nicholas Kini, 17, are alleged to have conspired to kill the Class Four pupil of the Maranatha School, Ishmael Mensah last Saturday allegedly for money rituals.

According to the police prosecutor handling the case, the two teenagers were inspired after watching a spiritualist on TV.

After contacting the spiritualist, they were instructed to provide a human being and an amount of GH¢ 5,000 for rituals to be performed to make them rich.


Kasoa: Teenage killers have been watching 'money rituals' programmes on TV - Police reveals

They lured the deceased, Ishmael Mensah, to an uncompleted building, hit him with a club and cement blocks, killing him instantly.

Reacting to the development, Mr Saani chided the National Media Commission and the National Communications Authority for failing to effectively discharge their mandate in a manner that promoted the interest and welfare of society.

Describing the action of the regulators as a betrayal to society, he warned of more vices in future if authorities failed to crack the whip and take strong action against inappropriate practices and characters displayed on TV.

“What do you expect in our society where money doublers, magicians, people who tell others not to work but rather come to them to make money overnight; those persons are celebrated and they become heroes?” he asked.

He added that “This is as a result of inefficiency exhibited by regulators and I feel is a betrayal of the very society of they’re supposed to protect.”