Kasoa: Traders lose properties in decongestion exercise

By Mutala Yakubu
Kasoa: Traders lose properties in decongestion exercise
Kasoa: Traders lose properties in decongestion exercise

The Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly taskforce on Monday, 8 July 2019 embarked on a decongestion exercise and destroyed some properties belonging to traders who sell on the pavements and shoulders of the Kasoa road in the Central region.

The exercise, which began around 3 a.m., was aimed at driving away petty traders who sell at undesignated areas so as to allow free flow of traffic.

Some of the affected traders told journalists: “We have been here for ten years and have never seen anything like this before. We’re the ones who take care of our families, now that we’re being evicted, we don’t know what to do. The sheds they gave us are too small and we don’t have enough space there. This is not what we voted for”.

A trader who sells bread to support her family said: “I sell at Obom Junction, our place doesn’t have a shed. I sell behind the pavement. I don’t sell on the pavement but they came to destroy my property.”

According to some of the traders, they paid GHS500 each to the Awutu Senya East Assembly who promised to construct a shed for them.

“Hawa Koomson [Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya East] told us that she will support us with sheds, Hawa should have constructed the sheds for the traders so that we will know that she has delivered on her promise. Initially, they took GHS500 but they came back demanding GHS3 each which we demonstrated against”, another trader said.

The affected traders have appealed to the president to come to their aid.