Lashibi-Ashaiman road project to be abandoned for a long time to come?

By Michael Abayateye
Abandoned road at Klagon

Residents at Klagon and commuters from Lashibi to Ashiaman will have to endure the terrible roads in the area for sometime to come because construction works are grinding to a halt due to lack of funds for contractors to continue the project.

The seven kilometer stretch connecting Lashibi to Klagon which also serves as  the main route for people traveling from Nungua to Ashiaman is currently in a very bad shape, a situation that worsens by the day with the onset of the rainy season. The rains have left big potholes filled with water dirtying vehicles and breaking suspensions. It is no better when dry, plumes of dust engulf the area from passing vehicles. 

The rains bring with it deep potholes filled with water, cars are dirtied and suspensions of vehicles are left at the mercy of the potholes 

The road is equally unbearable when its dry, its dusty and residents suffer the most.

A journey which should normally take five minutes on that stretch could last for over 45 minutes or more due to bumpy nature of the untarred road. Heavy vehicular traffic has become a daily occurrence.

Work began on the road to ease traffic but was abandoned by contractors for several months due to unavailability of funds.

There have been some interventions by the Chief of Klagon to level the road periodically with a grader to make it a bit motorable, but this sometimes last for just days. Some people have taken advantage of the situation to fill in the potholes at some area and in the process extort money from drivers, sometimes with disturbing clashes.

There are attempts to level the roads, but this does not last

Interestingly, work on a bridge on the road is steadily progressing, the contractor tells primenewsghana his firm has only been engaged to construct the bridge and an underpass but not the road. 

Work on the bridge and underpass is steadily progressing

Chen Gong Pu of the China Railway No.5 Engineering, the company working on the bridge said the project would be completed by the end of the year. He continued his fellow countrymen working on the road had all left for China because work has stalled for several months and there is no hope funding would resume anytime soon."I am the only Chinese working now,"he said.

Mr. Gong Pu said he had information from the contractor working on the road that, government says there is no money for the project to be completed.

"When government makes money available, it would take no time for the road to be completed to make life comfortable for all but I am currently concentrating on the bridge,"he stated.

His company he said, is paying workers salary and providing other facilities for the footbridge and underpass which would be linked to Ashiaman to be completed.

Chen Gong Pu says he is the only Chinese left on site because the others have left for their country after funding dried up. 

The road by all means has to be completed, for now, precious man hours are lost on daily basis by commuters, the economic losses to this undoubtedly is severe. It appears though, for now it is appears not to be the priority of government.


 Motorists like this taxi driver would have to bear changing shock absorbers, springs and other parts of the vehicles suspension on very regular basis with its attendant high cost. /Ghananews