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Kofi Abotsi explains the challenges with govt's easing of restrictions

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Kofi Abotsi
Kofi Abotsi
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Dean of the UPSA Law School, Kofi Abotsi has explained the challenges with government's easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

 Kofi Abotsi said they are reasons why it will be difficult for some churches and schools in the country to fully comply with the directives.

President Akufo-Addo on Sunday announced that religious activities can commence from June 5, 2020.

He made the announcement in his 10th address to Ghanaians concerning measures the government has put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The President said up to 100 members can be present at the various religious activities but they will have to adhere to the safety protocols and also a register must be provided.

Schools have also been opened for the final year students at all levels.

Addressing the challenges that comes with the directive, Kofi Abotsi said the easing of the restrictions in his opinion is good but he said the churches especially are not in the position to implement the guidelines that come with it.

"The relaxation is sensible in my opinion, but the manner of implementing that relaxation is left to the individual churches and the individual entities that have the right to exercise. I do not think that as we speak the churches have been able to put in place and from again everything we are hearing it doesn't seem the churches are in the position to implement that."

He said the decision to leave the option of to whether or not implement the directive to the churches and the individual members is a laudable one.

"But I think the president has done what I think is correct i.e leave the options to the churches subject to certain specific interventions that are supposed to be put in place some may be able to do others may not but the option has been left to the church and the right exercise."

"The difficulty is clearly the fact that the churches, in particular, are not in the habit of turning people away and so ones you have a restricted number of people who can enter the church you are essentially asking the churches to come up with standard criteria for who should come in and who should not ones the number is exceeded and that is difficult because it is not something they have been used to doing..."

The secod challenge to him is that the churches have not been preparing for the interventions that need to be put in place.