Liberia Elections: Liberty Party wants NEC to hold on with election results

By Clement Edward Kumsah
Chairman Korkoya

A leading political party in the Liberian election has called for a halt to the declaration of the result of the presidential election, citing irregularities in the vote.

The Liberty Party, whose candidate Charles Brumskine was considered a front-runner to take over from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, said it would consider taking legal action if the National Elections Commission (NEC) did not act on its demands.

“The Liberty Party is deeply troubled by the discovery of numerous incidents of irregularities and fraud that occurred during the elections,” Liberty Party national chairman Benjamin Sanvee said in a statement.

“We are calling on NEC to immediately halt further announcements of election results. If NEC does not cooperate with our request, we will take the appropriate legal action,” he said.

Unconfirmed reports suggest Charles Brumskine of the Liberty party lost in his stronghold, prompting his actions.

However, a NEC spokesman says the commission was unaware of the Liberty Party’s complaint and did not say whether the commission believed illegal acts occurred.