Menzgold: Retired Kasoa police officers sue firm

By Mutala Yakubu
Menzgold: Retired Kasoa police officers sue firm

About 100 retired and active Police Officers at the Kasoa Divisional Police Command in the Central Region have sued embattled gold dealership firm Menzgold.

They filed a writ at the Accra High Court against Menzgold, in a bid to retrieve their locked up investments.
They said they resorted to the court in an attempt to retrieve their monies because they don't want to take the law into their hands.

Leader of the group, Samson Addai, blamed government for their woes because it failed to regulate the activities of the company.

“Government said we are too greedy because we were not diligent enough and invested our money there.  If government says Menzgold does not have the license to operate, then the CEO should be arrested so he pays us.

“We don’t want to take the law into our hands, that is why we have engaged a lawyer to retrieve our money for us. So, we have filed a write at the Accra High Court to demand our money.  We are not saying government should pay, but rather it should force Menzgold to give us our cash,” he added.

Another policeman reaffirmed their resolve to get their money by going through legal means and attributed the current turn of events to government’s dereliction of duty.

“Menzgold helped us a lot. As police officers our salaries were meagre, but we were able to carry out some projects with our investment returns. We blame government for what has happened but not Menzgold. For Ken Ofori-Atta to tell us that we are greedy, we don’t get it. They did not do their work well.

“If government has halted the operations of Menzgold, we are only interested in getting back our cash.  The company has failed to pay us in spite of the terms and conditions associated with the new migration onto the online platform,” another officer said.

The Menzgold saga gets murkier by the day as some staff recently said the management of the firm is conspiring with some top officials in the government to pay their "close friends".

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