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Ministerial vetting:Nominees guests limited to 10 members-Prof.Mike Ocquaye

By Wendy Amarteifio
Ministerial vetting:Nominees guests limited to 10 members-Prof.Mike Ocquaye

The Speaker of Parliament Prof Mike Ocquaye has issued a directive to ministerial nominees to limit the number of guests who accompany them to vetting at the Appointment committee in Parliament to ten(10).

The speaker of Parliament Prof Mike Ocquaye said the move was to sanitize sittings of the Appointment committee of Parliament.

''The public must be adviced that the committee of parliament in performing their duties in parliament in the vetting process have got all the powers of the High Court and that we expect members of the public to treat the process the same way as they would in the High Court of competent jurisdiction in Ghana. We are also going to insist on only 10 members to accompany nominees to for vetting.We are going to insist on doing things fairly and firmly with due regards to the fact that you are appearing before a serious committee of Parliament ''.

The speaker also said that nominees are to appear before the Appointment committee with a limited number of guests to avoid overcrowding in the conference room of parliament.

Meanwhile, nominees expected to appear before the appointment committee are Kwesi Owusu Yeboah Minister designate for Oti Region, Barbara Oteng Gyasi, Minister designate for Tourism and Culture, Mrs. Evelyn Ama  Kumi Richardson, Minister Designate for Bono Region,  Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, Minister designate for Upper West Region.

The vetting of the above persons is in line with the creation of six new regions by President Akufo-Addo in addition to the 10 already existing regions. The purpose of this is for them to represent the newly created regions and manage the affairs of the regions. Also, the Appointment committee of Parliament begun the vetting process yesterday March 14, 2019.