Nestlé Ghana engages consumers on healthy living

By Wendy Amarteifio
Nestlé_ Ghana engages consumers  on healthy living
Accra :Nestlé Ghana engages consumers on healthy living

Nestlé Ghana, nutrition health and wellness company, has organised a forum in Accra to interact and dialogue with its consumers.

The forum, which has become a yearly activity held across the country, is aimed at different associations and people of different age groups, who are sensitised to healthy living with regards to good eating habits, exercise, and nutrition. 

There was also an aerobic session and a chef demonstration of how to use some Nestlé products.

The event highlighted what organisers called ‘Purpose of Nestlé’ which is “enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future”.

In attendance were members of the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Apostolic Church, Ghana, the Ghana Muslim Mission, the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection, Ladies from the Institute of Financial and Economic Journalists (IFEJ), the Ghana Beauticians and Hairdressers Association (GHABA) and the Saint Louis Past Students Association (SLOPSA). 

New Nestlé products

The company also introduced some of its new products, including, “Cerelac Biscuity” and “Gold Cornflakes” at the forum. 

The company said the new “Cerelac Biscuity” was aimed at giving consumers a variety in its range of Cerelac. 

Chocolim packaging

The company also unveiled new features of some already existing Nestlé brands, notably Chocolim, that had its packaging changed from green to red.

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