Night galamsey operators will be flushed out-Lands Minister

By Michael Abayateye
The Ghana Armed Forces

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, John-Peter Amewu has said government will intensify the fight against galamsey by deploying military and police personnel to some places in the Eastern region to monitor the situation.

According to the Minister, they have discovered that, illegal miners are carrying out activities at night on the blind side of security personnel in the area.

However he said, a task force consisting of the Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghana Police Service would be sent to the region to flush out immediately.

The security personnel to be sent to the Eastern region for night operations, he said would be camped for over a year to ensure that all galamsey activities are brought to an end.

"We are committed to the fight and the personnel must stay in the targeted areas for a very long time to get the work done,"the Minister stated.

He added that, the security and safety of personnel that would be deployed to the areas would also be guaranteed to avoid any form of violence. Due to how complicated the issue has become, he said government will provide the necessary materials to protect the security agencies to bring an end to galamsey in Ghana.

The fight against galamsey according to the Minister, is not a one day activity but demands time and commitment. He urged Ghanaians to make the work of government easy by getting actively involved.