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Kaneshie: Residents lives in danger as they neglect footbridges to cross roads

By Wendy Amarteifio
Pedestrians force to cross roads with the presence of footbridges

Some residents are putting their lives in danger as they cross the Mallam highway without using the Kaneshie footbridge.

The footbridge which is meant for pedestrians has been taken over by hawkers, preachers, pickpockets, and beggars who have filled every corner of the footbridge which has made movement uneasy for pedestrians.

For this reason, pedestrians are forced to cross the road which results in accidents and deaths.

According to a trader at the market," due to the small path left for people to walk on it creates discomfort, people choose to cross the road without using the footbridge some people also feel lazy to cross the footbridge''.

He added that "Not long ago, a 62-year-old woman who attempted to cross the road was hit down by a moving vehicle where she died instantly, she won't have died if she used the footbridge''.

Hawkers on the kaneshie footbridge 

According to the Section 154 clause, 3 of the road safety regulation states that the pedestrians who fail to use the footbridge or underpass when one is provided commits an offence but the people who flout the rules have no apologies for doing so.

Adenta -Madina footbridge 

Adenta -Madina footbridge is to be completed in 6 months. Initially, the uncompleted footbridge forced residents to cross the road which resulted in accidents.

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According to reports, the absence of footbridges in the Madina -Adenta municipality contributed to the death of a West African Senior High School student which led to a violent protest by the residents for the footbridge to be completed.

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