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Techiman-Kintampo accident:I escaped through a broken glass window-Victim

By Wendy Amarteifio
Techiman-Kintampo accident:I escaped through a broken glass window-Victim

A victim of the Techiman-Kintampo accident which occurred on March 22, 2019, said she escaped from the fire that engulfed one of the buses through a broken glass window.

Over 60 persons have perished in the accident after a head-on collision involving two buses. According to eyewitnesses, one of the buses caught fire with the other severely damaged.

In an interview with Starr news, a victim who survived the accident said she escaped the fire that engulfed one of the buses that crashed early this morning.

''I boarded the bus from Garu to Kumasi. During the journey, I dozed off and slept. What I heard was a hit on our bus which awakened me and I realized it was an accident.Those sitting in front of the bus broke the glass window and got out of the bus, I also forced my way out through the broken glass window.We that managed and got out of the bus were not many,and I don't think we are up to 20.After we got out, fire took over the bus and burnt the remaining passengers''.

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 Medical Officer on duty at the  Kintampo South District Hospital, Dr Prince Kwabena Tebi said:

''So far 40 persons were brought in alive in critical condition of which one died instantly.55 persons brought in later were all dead, meaning they died on the spot.Out of the 55 dead, 35 were burnt beyond recognition and 20 persons could be identified. With the 20, 4 were females, 13 were males and 3 were children.We have referred 4 to the Techiman Holy Family Hospital. The 35 victims of the accident here are stable, they have been treated ''.

He added that other victims have been transferred to Wenchi hospital and that they had multiple fractures in the rib, forearm and legs.

Also, the Techiman holy family hospital had 11 victims who have sustained severe injuries.

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