VIDEO: Minister disguises as patient, catches hospital workers demanding bribes

Ugandan State Minister for Health, Sarah Opendi

Ugandan State Minister for Health, Sarah Opendi, has devised a new skill of capturing corrupt medical officers.

On Saturday, the minister disguised as patient and visited Naguru General Hospital in Kampala to check out the responsiveness of medics at the facility and to ascertain complaints about corrupt deals that go on in the public health.

“I received many complaints that the staff at the hospital was extorting money from patients,” Ms Opendi stated.

She arrived at the hospital at 10 am, dressed in Muslim attire covering her face; she wanted to take a test for hepatitis B. Shockingly, she was asked for a bribe of USh5,000 at the reception in order to see a doctor, which she willingly paid.

Unfortunately, the doctor, whom she was recommended to see, also asked for USh100,000 to conduct the test. 

According to the minister, testing for hepatitis B is a free service in every government hospital in Uganda 

She immediately called the police to arrest the two health officials after pleading with them to allow her to go through the procedures without payment. 

Deputy Hospital Director Dr Stephen Kyebambe applauded Opendi for exposing the corrupt activities that put public hospitals in a bad light. “The minister must be congratulated for unearthing this racket of extortionists at our hospital. We are grateful. Otherwise, patients suffer in the hands of these cruel staff,” Kyebambe noted.