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VIDEO: Woman assaulted by police officer narrates her ordeal

By Clement Edward Kumsah

The nursing mother who was brutalized by an AK47-wielding police officer in the Midland Saving and Loans banking hall at Shiashie has narrated her ordeal.

The woman named Osafo Patience has pursued Midland Savings and Loans since July 13, 2018, to withdraw her GHs 270 savings but has been unsuccessful.

However, on Thursday, July 19, 2018, Osafo Patience went to the Midland Saving and Loans as early as 7 am to try if she can withdraw her GHs 270.00 savings but luck eluded her as her plea seems not to have gone down well with a police officer at Midland Saving and Loans.

The police officer by name Frederick Amanor brutalised the Midland Saving and Loans customer because the woman allegedly challenged his authority.

In the video, the Police officer, identified as Frederick Amanor, is seen ferociously hitting the helpless woman with an umbrella repeatedly and slapping her in the face.

Speaking in an interview on UTV, Osafo Patience said she was shocked when the police officer slapped her in the face for explaining to him why still pursuing the bank for her GHs 270 savings.

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