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Let’s talk about vulnerability in men

A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my really good friends. As the conversation was about to end, he said, “Thank you for always being someone I can talk to about emotional things. 

4 Secrets you must know about womanising

Men ought to love women and women, men. It is just natural for a man to have a thing for another woman. Indeed, God made man for a woman just as like a jigsaw, He made the woman to fit into the life of a man. 

We are not gay, but we secretly kiss and sleep in the same bed

The dilemma I am a 30-year-old man and I had, until last year, identified as a straight man. One night, after an office dinner party, I went to my colleague’s flat. We were good mates then, but nothing more. We are both architects and I went to see some of his latest work.

Knowing your region-Greater Accra

The Greater Accra Region has the smallest area of Ghana's 16 administrative regions, occupying a total land surface of 3,245 square kilometres.

10 common reasons for a sexless marriage

Many couples fall into periods of sexlessness over the course of a marriage. In fact, psychologist and sex therapist Shannon Chavez told HuffPost that it’s “more common than not” for couples to experience a dry spell and yet sexless marriages are still treated as a taboo subject.

25 Really Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Melt!

Before you fell in love, did you ever think that there would be a person in this world who could make you feel so happy and complete? Did you ever realize that just making this person smile could bring so much happiness into your own life?