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How to wear bright colours to work

Adding colours and fun details is a great way to spice up your work style this season. As a colour lover and the self-acclaimed commander in chief of all colours, I don’t think I will struggle to wear colours to work if I worked in a corporate environment 😂. But I know some other people need a little nudge of encouragement every now and then; hence today’s post. So if you are like me and always eager to try something new and different for work, then this post is for you!. 

The Guys' Caucus: 7 things you should be doing after s£x

There’s a lot of literature out there about what to do before having sex and what to do during sex. (And we mean a lot of literature.) And hopefully, all of this advice has given you more confidence in approaching and executing the horizontal mambo. 

Find out 5 easy and fast ways to fight wrinkles in 3-days

There are numerous ways to deal with wrinkles, although these include the use of several over-the-counter beauty products, it is best to opt for time-tested home remedies that are not only effective but also safe and relatively cheaper. Here are a number of them:

5 wrong colours you have being wearing to the office.

Research has proven that colours affect our mood and those around us. There are certain colours that fit perfectly in a formal certain, while others don’t. Amazingly, I once went for an interview and this is something I learned from one Human Resource Manager.

Average pen!s size: the long and short of it

Average penis size. You’ve thought about it, we’ve thought about it, and the truth is it’s really not worth worrying about. Especially since most of the claims around an average man’s member are a load of bollocks.

The consequences of marrying a virgin

Few people expect a couple to have remained virgins until their wedding day. See, there are just too many temptations in the liberal 21st century. Virginity is not viewed as a badge of honour.