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5 biggest kissing mistakes men make that annoy women

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It’s the quintessential deal-breaker. The way a guy kisses can alter the way a gal perceives and presumes the rest of his intimacy skills – regardless of how unfair, inaccurate or impractical it might be.

Kissing is one of the most important ingredients of good sex. It is part of foreplay that is very necessary when two people want to have sex. It will determined whether you are going to get laid or the relationship will end.

But many men make mistakes during this very important activity. Here are the 5 common mistakes committed by men:

1.Doing it too fast

It is one of the mistakes men always make. Going for her lips abruptly is a very big no. Even if you want to surprise her with a kiss, it should be done in a manner that won’t turn her off. A good kiss is prepared for both physically and psychologically. So men please, don’t be too quick like it is a dose that will safe your life.

2. Chewing her lips

Men, please, your lady’s lips are not a burger or some piece of meat you chew greedily to get that satisfaction you crave. You should not bite your woman’s lips until she feels that sharp pain. Be assured she will not come back. Chewing her lips in and out like a piece of cake is horrible. Don’t do it.

3. Going for a kiss before brushing

As much as you want to feel those lips you have always craved, kindly make sure you mouth is tidy and clean. Don’t go for the kiss after chewing pieces of mandondo and chapatti or njugu mawe and Ugali. Clean you mouth by brushing well. For those with bad smell, chewing something sweet and scented to give you a good breathe.

4. Groping while kissing

While this is relative, groping once you start kissing, and especially when it is the first time is the worst mistake a man can ever make. Restrain yourself from fondling her breasts, her butt or anything. You can grip her, hold her close but refrain from groping her.

5. Going dead during kissing

Your tongue stays as stiff and rigid as the…banana she can see in your pocket. As she attempts to weave her tongue slowly and rhythmically like a normal human being, your mouth boner simply pokes at her tonsils and stiffly wiggles from side to side as if searching for lost keys.

The tongue is one huge muscle. Just like when you flex your biceps as you ask for directions to the weight room, your tongue can go from soft and flaccid to uber-hard with one move. But while you want your pythons to look huge and feel firm, you won’t impress a soul by flexing your tongue into someone else’s mouth.