5 ways to make your partner’s day this Valentine

By Michael Duah
5 ways to make your partner’s day this Valentine
5 ways to make your partner’s day this Valentine

If you’ve been with your partner for years, you know that it only gets harder to impress them with every passing Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day is a special day to show your partner how much you really care even though some people see it as a normal day.

Generally, people save their best for Valentine's Day while others do not know what to do for their partners to make the day memorable.

If you are hoping to declare love for someone, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do so by surprising them with a treat that spells out your love for them.

Serve breakfast in bed

Seeing him or her wake up to their favorite morning foods with a smile is totally worth rising earlier. It’ll help both of you start the day off on a more positive note and allow you to sneak in a few more minutes together before getting ready.

Write a love note

Sneak in a sweet little letter into their work bag saying how much you love them. They’ll be so surprised upon finding it and continue to think of you until they get home.

The kissing game

Using pieces of paper, write out all the names of kisses you can think of (French kiss, English kiss, a peck, kiss on the forehead,,,etc) and then fill them up in a red felt bag and present it to your partner, Ask your partner to pull the pieces of paper out one after the other and you will give him/her each kiss described.

Surprise your partner

Buying roses for your love is not a bad idea. Many don't find it interesting but this is one of the best gifts you can give your partner for valentine. Remember the aim is to be creative and surprise your partner as well.

Here's how it goes, buy a rose and then find the most amazing photo of your partner, use it to create a unique stamp card with a poem. Go to her workplace, take permission from her boss and deliver the rose to your partner as you read the poem to her.
with this, she will love and cherish you the rest of your lives.

Girls, you can also surprise him by writing a love letter and posting it to him. No matter the distance to his office, mail it to him and wrapped and see him go weak in the knees.
Have a picnic in your living room. 
February where you live is probably too cold for a picnic outside, but set one up in your living room with a bottle of champagne and some fancy cheese.