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7 relationship tips for every guy this Valentine’s Day

By Michael Duah
7 relationship tips for every guy this Valentine’s Day
7 relationship tips for every guy this Valentine’s Day

I knew a guy who used to break up with his girlfriend ahead of each Valentine's Day.

He would brag behind her back about how much hassle it saved him by not celebrating Valentine's Day with her. He thought he had discovered a brilliant dating technique, and it took her four years to catch on.

Immature and laughable behavior? Possibly, but it paints a picture of how much some people dread Feb. 14.

For a less dramatic way to handle this Hallmark holiday, here are seven relationship tips that every guy should observe this Valentine's Day.

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Proposing on Valentine's Day

Warning: this move is so cheesy you could put it on pizza.

But if you're determined to bend the knee, bend carefully. Valentine's Day is marketed as the most romantic day of the year, but that is precisely what makes it a tricky day to propose.

Remember that you are asking your partner to share this special anniversary with countless other people who have also been proposed to on Valentines Day.

You'll need to get creative, or your proposal could seem generic.

Low-pressure date ideas

Relaxing side-by-side massages. A lingerie shopping date. A dance or a cooking class — something you've both wanted to do but haven't gotten around to … the list goes on if you take the time to think about it.

Writing a love letter (not a text message) costs a sheet of paper — and will melt a heart this Valentine's Day.

A Date Planned for Her

If you’re planning a date for your wife or girlfriend this Valentine's Day, the most important thing is being in tune with what she likes. Brown says that it’s a woman’s dream to have her significant other give her what she’s mentioned in casual conversation.

Valentine's Day is not all about material objects

In fact, the more material it is, the less impressed she'll be. An electric razor? She'll be more likely to let her legs go prickly in protest than use it. If you want to purchase something for your partner this Valentine's Day, stick to the jewelry and lingerie.

A Romantic movie night

Movie Night at home could actually be romantic as well as going to the cinema with your lover to catch a movie with other couple’s. There are tons of romantic movies that run in the cinema and it will make her happy this Valentine's Day.

Have a lengthy Conversation

Tell his/her family how smart you think he/she is during a conversation. Reminding your partner you're on their side is essential in a relationship this Valentine's Day.

Offer her time and attention

Following off of the above, time and attention are the best gifts that you can give anyone. Remember this when formulating plans and picking out a gift. What she really wants from you this Valentine’s Day isn’t the money spent, the candy or the flowers: She wants to go out on a date with you, to spend time with you, to have fun and get some of your attention.