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If dream of pursuing higher education gets hampered learn a trade to be able to feed - Pedicure lady

By Michael Eli Dokosi
Akosua Awuah
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While some who could not pursue higher education after the Junior High School (JHS) level would demand sympathy and give excuses, Betty Akosua Serwaa Awuah chose differently and is today enjoying from her prudent decision.


According to Akosua, after completing her basic education studies at the ‘Abeniase Junior High School’ in 2008 and realizing that her mum had no means to finance her Senior High School (SHS) education and given that her father had expired, she simply told her mum that she was ready to be an apprentice to a  hair stylist.

The Ejisu native who has four siblings then trained for 3 years at Kumasi Tafo but as lady luck had chosen not to smile on her, yet again there was no fund to set a shop up and buy expensive gadgets like dryer and the rest.

“I migrated to Accra specifically Ablekuma-Agape thanks to my lover who became my husband. Realizing that life was getting tough since I could not utilize my knowledge of hair styling because of cash constraints, I took a four month course in fixing acrylic nails and eye lashes.

“So when I arrived in Agape, I started manicure and pedicure business servicing clients around since it was relatively cheap to set up. My husband also financed the shop am in today but he also could not buy the dryers and all so I concentrated fully on the fingernail and feet care which generates about GH¢200 a week after I take out feeding expense so business is fairly good” the boss of Akosua Manicure and Pedicure mentioned.

Akosua explained her clientele includes elderly fashionable ladies and damsels especially the ‘premafuor’. She adds clients attest to her craftsmanship regarding the delicate care she offers leading to word of mouth endorsements.

She however discarded suggestions that fixing eye lashes was dangerous given incidence of glue spilling on the eye and causing irritations have been reported. “You must get to a professional when desiring these things. In my 2 years as a beauty technician I have not had such incidence” the lovely lady posited.

According to Akosua, while caring for the nail of a friend, she narrated how after graduating from one of the universities, she is yet to secure a job because of high payments demanded before offering the job. “I counseled her to make her case so her dad can set up a store for her to start selling some provisions till an offer comes through for which she heeded” adding learning a trade is good so that one can at least feed.

Currently without an apprentice, I asked if she didn’t want any. “Young ladies come seeking to be apprentices but when I demand the customary payment for training they take leave to consult and return but none is yet to. There’s this SHS graduate who approached me complaining that her pupil teaching gig only fetches GH¢100 a month so she seeks to learn the fingernail and toenail craft but lacks any cash. I felt her pain but loved her resolve so she will be my first and I shall impact the knowledge to her for free. Also a friend does hair for clients here since she has no shop herself.” the wife and mother opined.

According Madam Awuah, although she is relatively young at 26, childbirth changed everything as she hardly attends social events now but is delighted to be a mother reckoning that she rushes to pick her ward from school since she does not want him to feel lonely.

Married to Mr Obed Nana Yaw Tuffuor, a taxi driver, Akosua explained she had fantasies about marriage growing up but now that she is in one reality has set in but she keeps learning every day.

Akosua admonished the youth “If you are from a financially weak family, after basic school endeavour to learn a trade before the time passes you by because after a while you would feel too old to endure certain attitudes of the madams and deprive yourself a chance to learn a skill to earn good income.”

Akosua can be reached for fixing of eye lashes as well as manicure and pedicure on 0276638549.