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Questions you need to ask a partner before getting married

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Questions to ask your future partner

Before getting married, most of us discuss a lot of things related to money, future, and family. But very few musters the courage to ask anything related to sex life.

Maybe, the still associated taboo related to sex hinders people from speaking about that aspect of married life, but we need to accept the fact that problems in the bedroom can shake the foundation of a conjugal life.

Hence, it is very important to be on the same page sexually (not just emotionally) with your life partner. Here are six sex-related questions you should ask your partner before taking the plunge…

Questions you need to ask before getting married

Do we really need to explain why it is important to get an idea of your partner’s sexual health? Ask your partner if he or she had any sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the past, and share your own history as well.

Surprisingly, some people may not even have a clue if they are suffering from any STDs. Hence, it is a great idea to get a medical test done by both partners before tying the knot.

Not all have compatible sex drives and if the difference is too great, it may sometimes create problems in a relationship. Ask your partner a simple question: How important is the role of sexual compatibility in a marriage? This simple question will help both you approach a topic, which many are uncomfortable talking about. Having this conversation will definitely help you understand each other better.

Taboo related to sex hinders people from speaking about that aspect of married life

For some, the past sexual experience of a partner may not matter but a few might still be apprehensive about it.

It’s always a good idea to clear these doubts so that you can start your married life without any baggage from the past. You can always ask your partner if he or she wants to know about your past. In case, you too want to have an idea about your partner’s past, let him or her know this.

Most of us have some sexual fantasies that we would love to indulge in some day. Some might even have kinky fetishes which might not be agreeable to another? It’s a good idea to have an idea about a partner’s sexual preferences and fantasies. However, don’t judge a person based on his or her sexual preferences, but take your relationship to the next level only when you are comfortable to be part of such fantasies or fetishes.

What you may consider ‘cheating’ might be just a normal affair for your partner. For instance, you might consider chatting with a stranger online after marriage as ‘emotional’ infidelity, but your partner might disagree. Discuss what their definition of fidelity is and whether it matches with yours or not.

This is another relevant question you must ask your future spouse. Talk about what is their idea of protected sex, and what contraceptive method they would like to use (or want you to use) after marriage.

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