The Guys’ Caucus: Why I married a prostitute [A MUST READ]

By The Caucus

Life as a bachelor was not easy for me. I had to do everything for myself, from cooking to washing the house and the clothes.

Before I got to 35 years I was really enjoying this life. I always hang out with my friends and we would do all these things together. We would go to the bar, have some drinks and get drunk.

On our way back home, we would make stopovers at ‘Ashawo line’ looking for the beautiful prostitutes who paraded themselves. My friends and I would pick one for ourselves and leave to enjoy with them.

This lifestyle continued for close to 3 years until when two of my friends decided to change, they got themselves good ladies and married them.Now we remained only two of us in the game. We continued with the same lifestyle for one year then my other friend quitted. He did not get himself a wife, but he had a girlfriend and opted to remain faithful.

Then I was left all alone; doing it all alone never seemed right. It was as if I was sinning. It never looked or felt good like when I was doing it with my friends.

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I also decided to stop chasing a prostitute but after one last visit. This particular night I felt better. I did not take alcohol and so I was sober. I had gone to the bar to watch football and catch up with my friends. They told me all about their new lives and how they enjoyed. Their lives had really changed. They talked about their children and wives and how they loved and enjoyed everything.

After the football match, we all left and everyone took their different ways. I decided to follow the 'Ashawo line' and check on the girls. As usual, the prostitutes were paraded there, waiting to be picked.I did not want sex, but I just picked one to go and keep me company.

I took one prostitute called Marigold, Marigold was my “usual” girl and I was used to her. When she came in the car I told her I did not want anything from her but just company.

She accepted the offer and we took off. Contrary to my behavior, I started talking to Marigold about my personal life. I told her how my life was boring and I was starting to feel lonely. She was quite a good listener and after a very long talk we dozed off.

When I woke up, I found Marigold already awake, she was seated on the bed looking at me. Then she told me, “I have thought about everything you told me yesterday, and I am worried about you. I am willing to get married to you and save you from boredom and shame” she said.

I could not believe her at first, but after thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized that she was not a bad choice after all. If I married her, she would stop prostitution and make a really good wife. No one apart from my friends knew her and her offer came at a crucial point in my life. I married her that year and up to date, I have no regrets.