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This hilarious memo from a dad to his household will get you laughing all day

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Read this hilarious memo from a dad to his household about cost cutting in their house published on LIBYou can't stop laughing.
Internal Home Memo
From:   Father
To:       All dependants & Relatives
CC:      Mother
Date:    May 16, 2016
Subject: Financial Meltdown/Cost Cutting Measures For Your Urgent Attention
Due to the current economic situation, all domestic rules and regulations have been revised as below and under no circumstance is any violation going to be accepted.
1. The Kitchen and all pantries are declared Restricted Zones. Entry and/or passage shall require express permission from myself upon submission of written request.
2.  Breakfast is banned. This matter cannot be discussed!
3.  Such food items as rice, chicken, butter, jam, eggs, bread and milk are restricted. Anyone intending to eat any of such foodstuffs must write to me in triplicate, with three days notice, giving justifications backed by a qualified dietician report as supportive documentation.
4. Bathing in the morning is limited to 5 liters of water per day per person while bathing in the evening is banned unless there are medical reasons.
5. All security lights should be removed with immediate effect.  All dependants shall abide by an all-night guard-duty roster I shall makeavailable shortly.
6.  No dependant shall entertain friends indoors, far less attempt to offer food, drinks or even music.  Those who want their guests to listen to music shall sing for them.
7. No one is allowed to talk to officials from police, Council or Court bailiffs; doing so shall carry an instantaneous penalty of ejection from the House.
8. Anybody who breaks a glass, furniture or any other property in The House, shall immediately have to seek temporary employment somewhere to earn money to replace such broken item(s).
9.  All visitors intending to spend a night/week or more shall apply in triplicate and give two months notice, with an endorsement from their town Mayor, Village Headman or Church Priest/Imams giving convincing reasons why they can't stay at their homes.  Failure to do this shall result
in their being turned away, at the gate, upon arrival
Chairman of Home Affairs 
Hot regards,