Bawumia has always been lying about Ghana’s economy- Isaac Adongo

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central, Isaac Adongo, has accused Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia of consistently peddling lies about the true status of the country’s economy.

Isaac Adongo said the recent failed attempts by the government to meet its target for the first tranche of the energy bond was an indication of the inability of the Economic management team, led by the Vice President, to manage the economy adequately.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the Minority in Parliament on Wednesday, October 8, Isaac Adongo said the team has been “over-hyped”.

“Bawumia has never understood the economy of Ghana. He has always lied about the economy of Ghana. He said that our debt was about 36 billion and would end at 40 billion dollars. When he came with his budget, he said it was around 26 billion. How did John Mahama miraculously find 14 billion dollars to pay down the debt in three months before we left office? He took the people of Ghana for a ride.”

The 7-year bond received the targeted 2.4 billion cedis, whilst the 10-year bond accrued about 2.2 billion cedis, below the target of 3.6 billion cedis.

Several critics have described this development as a failure by the government and a sign of the declining confidence of investors, whilst the government hailed the bond as relatively successful.

Isaac Adongo said despite being able to raise a $2.25 billion bond in hours in April on the back of the goodwill built up by the NDC, the subsequent attempts have failed because of waning investor confidence.

“They rode on the back of the confidence of the economy that the NDC left, to raise a bond of $2.25 billion in four hours. What has now happened that in one month, they still can’t raise it? They are destroying the fundamentals that we developed for them. When they were in their honeymoon period and were taking credit we told them to wait and that their time would come. Their time has come and we have been embarrassed,” he said.

He claimed that the balance sheet of ESLA PLC after raising the bond was -$3.6 billion, and that no investor would put their money in such a company.