Focus on depreciating cedi, I'm not a threat to Ghana- Ofosu Ampofo tells gov't

By Mutala Yakubu
Focus on depreciating cedi, I'm not a threat to Ghana- Ofosu Ampofo tells gov't

The National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Samuel Ofosu Ampofo says he is not a security threat to Ghana and that the government should focus on resolving national issues instead of the diversionary tactics it has employed.

Mr. Ampofo who was speaking to the media after he reappeared at the CID headquarters today March 7, 2019, over his leaked audio said he is not a security threat to the nation and there are more important issues for the government to address than focus on him.

"I just want to assure the members of the NDC that they have a law-abiding chairman"

"My advice to the government if there is anybody to arrest or focus on, it should be the dollar that has escaped and running away"

"I am not a security threat to this nation and there are clear diversionary tactics by the government".

One of his lawyers Dominic Ayine still insist the charges against his client is baseless.

"They asked him to if he still stands by what he said the last time and he said yes and had nothing to add to it"

"They have asked him to report on Tuesday and the chairman has stated categorically that the tape is doctored"

"We listen to the tape and realize a lot was done to give a certain impression to the public, we believe our client will walk away from a free man".

He was invited by the CID in connection with audio in circulation in which a voice alleged to be that of him is heard saying that the party deployed the Azorka boys to help protect its members during the Ayawaso by-election.

The recording also has a voice believed to be Mr. Ampofo urging people to take the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Adukwei Mensa to the 'cleaners'. The voice also endorsed verbal attacks on the National Peace Council Chairman, Reverend Emmanuel Asante.

The audio tape also suggests that abductions and kidnappings could be used to silence political opponents.

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