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Mahama proven he is efficient leader, Nana Addo a ‘mismanager’ – Kofi Adams

By Clement Edward Kumsah
Kofi Adams
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National Organiser and Campaign Coordinator for the NDC, Kofi Adams reckons the presidential

candidate of the New Patriot Party (NPP) had failed the test to prove his worth as an efficient leader and

a statesman adding the reins of the country’s leadership could not be given to such a ‘mismanager’.

“The NPP is a party specialised in confusion, lies, riots and deception and Ghanaians would make a big

mistake if they vote for Akufo Addo and the NPP” he declared.

In contrast, Mr. Adams praised the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

for excelling and executing tangible projects spanning education, health, employment and infrastructure

sectors stressing the achievements of the NPP’s 8 years in government could not match the

achievements of the current government in its 4 year tenure.

He asserted in a radio interview after the launch that the good deeds of president Mahama would win

him the election.