Minority demands immediate termination of PDS concession deal

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
John Jinapor
John Jinapor

The Minority in Parliament is demanding the immediate termination of the Power Distribution Services (PDS) concession agreement with the government.

The call is part of a five-point demand put out by the Minority in response to government’s decision to suspend the agreement with PDS over fundamental breaches.

Addressing the media on Thursday, a Member of Parliament’s Committee on Mines and Energy, John Jinapor said there is no tenable justification for PDS to stay on as a power distributor.

“This concession agreement must be terminated without any further delay,” he said.

He also urged government to “Identify and not only identify but go ahead and prosecute those responsible for this fraudulent guarantee as confirmed by no other person than the Minister of Energy.”

“We must also identify, smoke out and prosecute all government officials who collaborated in this scandal as far as the guarantee and the concession is concerned. Ensure full refund of monies and interests thereof collected by PDS during this month period. Dissolve the current board and appoint a competent, non-partisan board that trusts the capacity to ensure that ECG continues to serve the people of Ghana,” Jinapor added.

The Minority further called on the United States government to be involved in an independent probe that would bring clarity to the real issues involved in the suspension of the PDS deal.