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TAMALE: MCE describes calls for his dismissal ‘baseless’

By Kweku Antwi Jnr

Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer for Tamale, Musah Iddrisu Superior, has described as ‘baseless’ the calls by a section of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) constituency executives in the Tamale Metropolis for his dismissal.

The aggrieved executives on Wednesday, August 29, held a press conference calling for the dismissal of the MCE.

The executives followed with a petition to President Akufo-Addo on Thursday, August 30, 2018.

The executives are accusing the Mayor of disrespecting and disregarding party structures and also awarding contracts to himself and cronies.

But reacting to the allegations on his Facebook page on Thursday, Mr. Musah Superior said the allegations leveled against him were false and “I dismiss them with the contempt they deserve”.

Below is the Mayor's response on facebook .

"My response to the allegations made by Some NPP Executives in theTamale Metro.

The various allegations levelled against me by some Constituency Executives of the Tamale South and Central constituencies at their Press Conference this morning are TOTALLY FALSE. I  dismiss them with the contempt they deserve.

  1. The allegations that, I fail to award contracts to the Constituency Executives is unfortunate. I have always in my line of work done what is right and lawful. Let me state categorically that, all contracts that have been awarded by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly went through the laid down procurement processes and procedures.They are not done unilaterally by me or anyone. Ghana is governed by set of laws and all contracts are awarded via proper procurement processes. See the Public Procurement Act 2003 (663).
  2. On allegations that, I do not consult the Party leadership in the Metro before taking decisions in my role in the Assembly's mandate; I demand further and better details on this allegation. Decisions relating to the governance of the Metropolis usually take place collectively as a house

during which Elected Members and Government Appointees participate effectively in all discussions to either develop a policy, enact bye-laws. All MAJOR decisions of the Metropolitan Assembly are taken by the Executive Authority or the General House.

  1. Where Chiefs, imams, the clergy and other opinion leaders and political actors are expected to make an input on a decision, we create the platform for an open, deeper and wider consultative framwork for such crucial interventions.
  2. On the allegation that, I port resources of the Tamale Metro Assembly to The Mion District Assembly because of my "Parliamentary ambition" in the Mion Constituency is not only weired but strange. How on earth will the Elected Assembly persons of the Tamale Metro Assembly sit down for this to happen? Such an outrageous allegation can only come from persons who have little understanding of how MMDAs operate.
  3. I remain focus on my mandate as the Metropolitan Chief Executive; leading and serving the people in the most honest, transparent and participatory manner and delivering on the vision of the NPP Government on education, health delivery and making the society fit for purpose.
  4. I will not be distracted by such empty allegations and sponsored attack.
  5. Thank you".

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