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GFA powerless as an entity- Godfred Odame

By Haruna Mubarak
Godfred Odame declare GFA powerless
Godfred Odame declare GFA powerless

The Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Odame has revealed that the GFA has no power to hold any meeting in the name of the Association, warning them to desist from anything relating to football activities.

Godfred Odame revealed the news after the Attorney general placed an injunction with the help a high court to restrict GFA from carrying out their work.

“There is an order restraining the directors, members and officers of the GFA from holding meetings and doing anything relating to football.” He stressed.

“They are in their right to present any petition to FIFA but the truth is that there must be respect for the laws of Ghana by the GFA and FIFA.”

“FIFA itself when they came to Ghana indicated they have nothing against the government of Ghana enforcing its domestic laws in an attempt to deal with illegality and criminality.”

The Deputy Attorney General also made it clear that GHALCA can organize meetings but for not the GFA.

“Unless it’s the clubs themselves, if GHALCA is holding such meetings that’s fine, but GFA as an entity cannot hold any meeting, can’t exercise any powers at all” He reiterated

Earlier today, an Accra High Court granted the Attorney General (AG) another injunction against the GFA.

The High Court also appointed the Registrar of Companies as an official liquidator of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).