Kwame Sefa Kayi declines Normalization Committee' appointment

By Vincent Ashitey
Kwame Sefa Kayi declines Normalization Committee' appointment
Kwame Sefa Kayi declines Normalization Committee' appointment

Radio show host of Kokrokoo on Peace FM Kwame Sefa Kayi has declined an appointment by the Normalization Commiittee to serve on the Ad Hoc committee board.

The Normalization Committee on Tuesday inaugurated six ad hoc committees to aid the Normalization Committee to execute its mandate.

Members of the ad-hoc committee comprises of experienced members of which Kwame Sefa Keyi was among. The award-winning Ghanaian media personality was appointed as the member of the Marketing and Promotion.

However, Kwame Sefa kyei has declined appointment in an official statement.

"First of all I wasn't consulted in any way. I received a text message from Issah on Monday the 14th of January telling me about my nomination and a subsequent meeting the following day, he Isaac[sic] didn't mention an inauguration; he said however, that he'd been trying to reach me for almost a week''.

''I replied the following day when I saw the message and told him I was out of town so couldn't attend; I arrived in Accra on Tuesday evening only to receive congratulatory messages when I turned my phone on: I'm taken aback that for such an important assignment, my approval or otherwise wasn't discussed with me yet my name was put out there''. 

"Secondly, I believe there are more knowledgeable and competent people in the field of sports and football journalism who when given the opportunity, can make more meaningful contributions to the way forward for the beautiful game..kindly accept my apologies, thank you very much" the statement added.

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