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We’ve not opened negotiations with any coach-Morrocan FA boss

By Michael Duah
Fawzi Lakkaf_Herve Renard
We’ve not opened negotiations with no coach-Morrocan FA capo

Fawzi Lakkaf, president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, says his outfit’s contract with French manager Herve Renard will remain intact until the end of next year’s Nations Cup tournament in Cameroon.

According to him, ”the next goal of the national team is to win the 2019 African Cup of Nations”.

The FA boss says he would not accept any justification if Al-Aswad fails to win the title.

”In the event that we do not crown the title, the goal programmed in the next stage is the coronation of the continental cup,” he added.

Speaking on national radio, Lekkafar said that the contract of Herve Renard will continue until the end of the African Cup of Nations, which will start on 15 June, until 15 July.

“Ronar continues to head the technical department of the national team, There is no intention to abandon him at the moment, “and added” there are goals that must be achieved, especially the culmination of the Cup of Nations of Africa, and we have set a date to assess the work of the national voter, which will be on the sixteenth of July next, 2019 African Cup of Nations, and only then can the question be asked about the survival of Ronar at the top Set up the technology for the national team, or not. “

The president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, however, denied opening negotiations with any coach, stressing that the University of Football has developed a clear strategy and work to implement it on the ground.

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“The University of football respects its commitments, including the contract with the French Herve Runar” Great confidence in the national voter, our values have already worked with his assistant team after participating in the World Cup in Russia, as did all Moroccans who followed the World Cup.

“It is unacceptable that we evaluate the work of the national voter after each game,” he added.

“There is a margin of time to work on improving some things. In order to achieve the desired goal, set in winning the African Nations Cup.

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